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1-500watt Indoor Flood Light

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Product Abstract:

1-500watt Indoor Flood Light

Product Description


* 100-2000 watt LED lamp, Air Cooling Design ; 4000watt Air & Water cooling design 
* High Lumen output, The Highest Power LED lamp in the world    
* Bridgelux Chip,Cree available     
* 170lm/Watt
* Small volume designs, saving more space  
* 2-5times brighter than Traditional light 
* Dierctly Replace 200-5000watt traditional Lamp, Templated design, customizable  
* Equal flux show the luminous flux output this model can replace with conventional lamp
* Power Supply of constant currency drive is included


Part Number IWA100W IWA300W IWA540W
LED Power 100W 300W 540W
LED Efficiency (Typ.) 170lm/W 170lm/W 170lm/W
Luminious Flux (Typ.) 17000lm 51000lm 91800lm
Equal Flux (typ.) * 34000lm 102000lm 183600lm
Light Angle 120 degree 120 degree 120 degree
LED Work Voltage 30-34V DC 30-34V DC 30-34V DC
LED Work Current 3.5A 10.5A 18.9A
Fixture Input Voltage 110/220V AC 110/220V AC 110/220V AC
Life Time 50000 hours 50000 hours 50000 hours
Fixture Width (mm) 145 145 200
Fixture Length (mm) 139.00 315.00 315.00
Fixture Height (mm) 79.00 79.00 79.00
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