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100 Watt LED Light

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Product Description

100 Watt LED Light for Outdoor and Indoor Areas


Are you looking for the replacement to lessen your energy spent, or you need to upgrade your outdoor or indoor lighting system to some better available substitutes? Then, 100 watt LED light fits to your scenario because, it is 80% efficient than present incandescent bulbs. It is energy saver and more suitable to decrease our energy crisis. It comes in different types of shapes, sizes, and color so that you can easily choose color matching to your choice. Whether you need 2700K incandescent light or 5000K light bulb 100W LED bulb provides you equivalent light, which is far better in quality and distribution to other traditional lights. If you are not feeling comfortable with those traditional light bulbs then you must go for LED 100 watt lamps, as it would be the best choice for you. It can be applied to many places such as airport, parking lot, backyard, football field, tennis court and more.


Why watts, not the lumen

One thing that you must keep in your minds is that for several decades ‘lumen’ is a unit which is used to indicate how brighter the bulb is. This unit represents the brightness level of traditional incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. LED lights don’t use this concept.  LED lights use watts as a unit to measure its brightness level. Now, companies of these traditional bulbs have started using watt as brightness unit to resolve an issue of the level of brightness. To know the power of normal incandescent bulb and the equivalent LED bulb you must know that 8-12 watt LED is equal to 800 lumens bulb.


100 watt LED light bulb

Everyone seeks to buy such light source which can provide better quality to them. 100 watt LED bulb can easily fit your requirement. It gives you beautiful Omni-directional light. It doesn’t need repetitive replacement after few months. It is the worry-free choice. Moreover, it is 100% guaranteed. LED light bulbs are more preferable because they emit light in one direction without any distribution. It gives light out at the 360-degree angle. Such LED’s are more suitable for saving money and energy. Some 100 watt LED light bulbs are available which also contain LED driver to make it controllable and programmable so as to control its brightness level any time you need to. 100 watt LED light bulbs are durable to be chosen for sake of indoor-outdoor illumination.


400 Watt LED Flood Light

400 watts equivalent LED lights are using 80% less power in comparison to other sodium or metal halide power lamps or lights. LED 100 watt flood lights are more suitable to illuminate parking lots, retail centers, hospitality centers and office buildings. These floodlights are also being used to brighten up large areas. Its application is also being found for wall washing and accent lighting. 400 w equivalent LED are suitable to lighten up grounds, stadiums, parking garages and flag poles. It is perfect for providing security solutions. LED 100 watt flood light provide equivalent brightness to 1200 watt incandescent light bulb. It pours pleasing lighting effect. It is being used to illuminate indoor and outdoor functions of any type.


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