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1000 Watt LED Grow Lights

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Product Abstract:

1000 watt LED Grow Lights. 1000W LED Grow Light. Get the Grow Lights 1000 watt, for outdoor and indoor, and for sale. Global Delivery.

Product Description

1000 watt LED Grow Light


1000 watt LED grow light


LedsMaster is a LED company offering the 1000 watt LED grow light. LED grow light can assist the growth of cannabis, lettuce, stadium turf and more, whether or not it is edible. Why do we need them? It is because it can provide 24/7 illumination for the plants to grow. Let’s have a brief look at our 1000W LED grow lights.


If you search in the internet, you will see majority of the LED grow lights emit purple colors, and some of them has orange color. It is because the chlorophyll is very sensitive to these two colors. This artificial colored light can trigger and stimulate the grow of plants. To provide the proper brightness, we can install the 1000 watt LED grow light. You can select the 450 nm (purple) or 650 (orange) color. The maximum brightness of the LED grow light is 1500 PPFD, which is comparable to normal sun light. By installing the luminaries in your indoor or outdoor green house, you can enjoy continuous illumination on your cannabis and lettuce.


1000 watt LED grow light – advantages of the LED grow lights


Nowadays, LED has become the predominant technology for the 1000 watt grow light because of its high energy efficiency and exceptional life span. Indeed, high power LED grow light, such as 1000W, use a lot of energy. To save your electricity bill, LedsMaster enhances the lighting efficiency of the luminaries up to 70%. The luminous efficiency is 100lm/W for colored lights. Besides, the LED grow lights can last for 80,000 hours. If you turn it on for 8 to 9 hours per day, it can use for about 28 years.


To deal with the heat issue, we do not use the fan to cool down the intrinsic component of the 1000 watt LED grow lights. It is because the life span of the fan is much shorter, and you will need to replace this cooling device very frequently. Instead, we adopt passive heat dissipation system – it consists of dense aluminum fins attached at the back. It provides large surface area for heat lost.


If you wish to get the quote and free professional opinion on 1000 watt LED grow light, you can contact us by email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or if you prefer using the contact form, please feel free to fill in your message at the bottom of the page. We are looking forward to you message.

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