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1000 Watt Outdoor LED lights for Airport

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Product Abstract:

Higher power led outdoor light, especially designed for airport

Product Description

Product Description


LED lamps are perfect light sources for airfield lighting. Light sources for this application need to highly reliable and durable and relatively low installation costs – properties that define halogen lamps from Ledsmaster. They provide instant and constant light output and have an impressively long life of up to 8000 hours. The light from LED lamps is absolutely flickerfree and dimmable and provides first-class performance even in adverse weather conditions such as snow and fog. Thanks to their small bulb size and high luminance these lamps are ideal for the compact design of airfield lights. Ledsmaster offers halogen lamps in wattages from 30 to 1080 W with or without a reflector. 




1080W Ultra Flood Light for Airport


-Extremely high efficiency LED lighting for airport;

-Multi angles for different solutions;

-2 to 10 times brighter than conventional MH, HPS and HID;

-Anti glare optical lens design;

-Strong lighting structure that against rainstorm and typhoon;

-Easy and fast maintenance.



Power Source:                100/277 VAC, 12/24 Volts DC

Nominal Power:              1080Watt

Comparable:                    2000Watt MH/HPS

Power Factor:                  > 0.95

Luminaire Efficacy:        140 lm/W

CRI:                                  70,80/85/95 available

operating temperature:  -40°C to 65˚C

Color Temperature:        2800-3500K, 5000-600K, 6500-7500K

Size:                                802.8x595x128MM

Weight:                           25KGS



For airport, stadium, tennis court, volleyball court, sea port, highway, logistics zone, warehouse, factory, parking lost, basketball field, storage room, mining, swimming pool, roadway, kart track, race track, gas station and so on.



The Airport Lighting




* Brightest Flood Light in the world!
* Premium Precise Optical Lens System, 2-10 times brighter than conventional light
* Modular Design, Easier Maintenance
* Direct Heat Path Technology, 2-5 times better stability
* Anti-Glare System, suitable for any occasions
* IP66, underwater use support
* 5 Years Warranty!



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