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1000 watt Metal Halide LED Replacement

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Product Abstract:

We are specialized in LED replacement for 1000 watt metal halide. Have you even though of replace your 1000W MH to LED? There are many advantages. For instance, longer life span, higher energy efficiency and easy repair. Brightness of 1000 watt MH equals to 500 Watts LED.

Product Description

1000 Watt Metal Halide LED Replacement Guide

1000 watt Metal Halide LED Replacement


LED Replacement of 1000 watt metal halide is applied in different sites such as sports field, parking lot, and warehouse. MH lamps is quite a mature technology. However, it has some problems such as very short life span and heat generation. And the power consumption is very high. Therefore, you can do LED replacement to metal halide 1000 watt. Proper illumination is quite essential especially for north hemisphere. Metal halide replacement to LED reduces energy consumption up to 80%. There are many other advantages after replacing 1000W metal halide to LED.


1000 watt metal halide LED replacement: power needed


To achieve the proper metal halide retrofit, we need to identify the power needed. First of all, 1000W metal halide produces 70,000 lumens. But this value varies with your product. If your old MH is 70 lm/w, it should be 1000 * 70 = 70,000 lumen. Then, LedsMaster LED lights have efficiency of 140 lm/W. To retrofit 1000W metal halide, you need 70,000 / 140 = 500W. In short, 500W LED replaces 1000 watt metal halide fixtures.


After this brief calculation, you will know that the power consumption is cut to half. You can still get the same brightness though by 1000w metal halide LED replacement. If you have the large area that needs 5,000 to 100,000 watt of illumination, you can save tons of electricity bill. Apart from money, you can help protect environment as lesser carbon dioxide emission.

LED Light replace MH

1000 Watt metal halide LED replacement – what can I enjoy?


Apart from electricity bill. You can save our environment. Besides, LED replacement for 1000 watt metal halide reduce you maintenance cost and time. Since LED luminary has 85,000 hours life span, it runs for 27+ years without any big change on brightness. LED uses completely different mechanism. It uses current to drive current. It causes energy efficiency becomes 95%. Also, LED metal halide replacement not just remove your old lamps. Also you can get rid of toxic chemical as used in MH. For example, toxic halogen is contained inside the fixture. However, LED is toxic free.


For the country having adverse weather condition, replaces LED for 1000 watt metal halide is essential. LedsMaster MH retrofit kit is very strong. It is made of aluminum alloy, which is anti-corrosive. With its IP66 rating, it works really well during stormy environment. The anti-shock structure withstands mild earthquake as well.


For the scorching weather, heat dissipation is the main task of retrofitting MH. Many studies reveal that persist heat would decrease the brightness and lifespan. Truly, MH can easily go off because of extra hot temperature. To solve this, LedsMaster develops a good thermal management system. It consists of countless aluminum fins. They are extended from the heat source. As you can see from the above, the large surface area conduct heat away. This design can decrease junction temperature of LED luminaries at a very low range.


In addition, lighting uniformity can be enhanced. 1000 watt metal halide LED replacement is equipped with complex optics. It helps the lights travel to ground with less attenuation. It also ensures the illumination is evenly distributed. With our free lighting design, the uniformity can be 0.8 (max 1). Uniform distribution is vital to enhance user experience. Image the spot is dim suddenly and another spot is too bright. Unsatisfactory lighting will irritate eyes of people as well.


We are actually a high power LED flood light manufacturer. If you are interested in these projects in any wattage, please feel free to contact us via email: beatus@ledsmaster.com, or using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Thank you very much.


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