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1000W Power LED Flood Light

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Product Abstract:

IP67 Waterproof High CRI, 1000W LED Flood Light. Extreme Power, Designed for Indoor & Outdoor, Ultra efficiency, Lens Design. 5 years warranty. CE & RoHS. Buy 1000 watt LED flood lights.

Product Description

1000W LED Flood Light - IP67 Waterproof High CRI High Power


--- High power, excellent quality with best price. High power while keeping smail size 1000 Watt LED Flood Light

--- High CRI up to 90-95. Light efficiency up to 140lm/w.

--- 2-5 times bright than traditional light. 1/2-1/8 power to replace conventional lighting.

--- 50-70% electricity cost reduction compared to HP sodium or Mercury lamp.

--- 30 times longer life-span than incandescent bulbs, life time 50000-80000hours.

--- High quality and most of companies difficult achieve a true 95% of high-efficiency lens.

--- Light directly designed to the outdoor. 120, 60, 40, 25 degree available.

--- Widely used in industrial, stadimu, aquare, garden, gas station, warehouse, tunnel.

--- Environmentally Sustainable. No IR, UV or mercury. CE,RoHS Compliant.

--- Customized Color Temerature Available

--- Customized Wattage Support

--- Colors of Red Green Blue Amble Available

--- Delivey Time: 30 days at Payment

--- Price Term: EXW

--- Payment:T/T

--- According to the quantity order, discounts available

--- Effective heat dissipation system


1000 watt LED flood light


Specification of 1000W LED flood light


spec of led flood light


Life Span Testing using 1000 watt flood lights - Light fades less than 4% in 6,000 hours


life span test on LED flood lights 1000w


Ground illumination level test reports

300W, 400W, 500W floodlights are brighter than the 250W, 400W, 1000W Metal halide respectively. The measurement unit: lux 


ground illumination level test report


Power consumption test report

Flood light has more than 20% of power transfer rate advantage. It can replace most of the outdoor applications with only 1/2 to 1/10 of the power of metal halide, regarding to the size of illuminatino and installation height.



* Ledsmaster Heat Transfer Technology Applied,   Smallest Size for equal power

* Advanced Cooling with Temperature control device

* Bridgelux Chip, Cree available

* Power Supply of constant currency drive is included

* Stable driver can be easy to be plug in and out

* Patented pending heat sink, smallest size for highest  power

Sturdy general purpose flood light suitable for use in most of the normal occasion.

High protection rate high quality aluminum profile.

Multiple choices of lens make it suitable for most of outdoor/indoor normal illumination.


Applications of 1000 watt LED flood light

* Billboards

* Car parks

* Architecture

* Sport facility

* Security

* Sports Stadium


If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or by phone 213-438-9858 (US) or using the contact form below. Thank you.

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