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1000W Power LED Flood Light

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Product Abstract:

Floodlight 1000 watt, IP67 Waterproof High CRI, 1000W LED Flood Light. Designed for Indoor & Outdoor, Ultra efficiency, Lens Design. 5 years warranty. CE & RoHS.

Product Description

1000W LED Flood Light - IP67 Waterproof High CRI High Power


LED flood lamp is applied in large areas. The 1000W flood lights have such an extraordinarily high power to light up a standard football stadium, warehouse, square, garage, or even construction sites. We offer high quality and brightest flood lights 1000 watt, which generates 140,000 lumens. We are experienced manufacturer having 10+ years in the field of outdoor and indoor LED floodlighting. Let’s explore our product characteristics.


High Power and Compact 1000 Watt Flood Light


LedsMaster is the first company launching 140 lumen per watt LED lights, which has exceptional brightness for the 1000W LED flood lights. To reduce to size of the luminary, we strive to arrange the electric circuit and LED chips in a compact array. Each 1000 watt lights has the weight of 15 kg only, which is attributed to light-weight but strong aluminum alloy frames. Since we own the factory, we can make the floodlights in different dimension in according to client’s arrangement.


High Color Rendering Index


For the sports field such as stadium lighting and outdoor parking lot lighting, sometimes the owner may require the LED light having high CRI. It is because high value can allow the user to see the real colors of the objects, which enhance the user experience.


floodlight 1000W LED


Energy saving floodlights


To illuminate large area such as tennis court and factory, we need thousand of watt. Metal halide, HID or HPS are the mainstream luminaries nowadays, and they consume about 2 times more energy than LED lights. It is because the luminous efficiency of metal halide lamp is 75 lm/W, while the 1000W LED flood lamp has 140 lm/W. Therefore, LED floodlight can provide 2 times brightness when using the same power consumption of MH. Due to the energy consumption is reduced, the electricity cost can be reduced to 50% of its original value after the replacement of metal halide or mercury lamp with LED.


Longer life span in our 1000W LED Floodlight


LED light has life span of 80,000 hours, which is equivalent to 25 years based on 8 to 9 hours operation per day. If you compare the value of MH (10,000 hours), you will see a huge difference. Why having the longer life cycle is important for the lights? Firstly, the floodlight that last longer definitely reduce your repair rate and cost, and it is recognized that the replacement cost is very high as well. Having the lighting fixture that lasts for 20 or more years is a wise choice. Second, lesser replacement also means that lesser disposal of lights, which help the environmental protection; therefore, LED floodlight, especially for 1000 Watt high power, should have long life span.


Aging test for floodlight 1000W


Heat dissipation


Heat can damage the floodlight, 1000W LED or MH lamps are susceptible to this deterioration if inappropriate thermal management is adopted. This condition should be noticed especially for indoor flood light. To reduce the junction temperature of the structure, we develop the exclusive heat sink system, which contains the long extension aluminum fins. The hollow structure and dense arrangement of the aluminum alloy strips can dissipate the heat away quickly. To further improve the conduction rate, the fins and the base plates are in a single piece to offer seamless connection between them.


1000 watt LED flood light


Various beam angle


You can select different beam angles for the 1000 watt LED flood light. For instance, we have 25, 40, 60, 90, and 120-degree available. The larger the beam angle, the broader the illumination rage can achieve. The angle selection for floodlight is highly depending on the needs of the user, and the distance between the lights and flood. We offer free lighting design, including the power and beam angle selection; and thus, you can get the best LED flood light solution for your lighting projects.




We control the spectrum very well inside the high power 1000W flood lamp. The UV lights are eliminated because it is harmful to our skin. Comparing with fluorescent and metal halide lamps, these light source product UV light in nature, can we absorb the UV by the external coating. If these coating are removed, it can be quite dangerous; nevertheless, LED does not product UV light because the spectrum consist of visible light only, which is safer.


Customized color temperature


Our flood lamp has the color temperature range from 2800K to 7500K, though 5000K and 5500K are the popular colors. The color of 5500K floodlight is quite near to natural sunlight. You can select the appropriate value for your application.


Prompt lead time of 30 days


We guarantee 30 days lead time after payment


Specification of 1000W LED flood light


spec of led flood light


Life Span Testing - Light fades less than 4% in 6,000 hours


life span test on LED flood lights 1000w


Ground illumination level test reports

300W, 400W, 500W floodlights are brighter than the 250W, 400W, 1000W Metal halide respectively. The measurement unit: lux 


ground illumination level test report


Power consumption test report

Flood light has more than 20% of power transfer rate advantage. It can replace most of the outdoor applications with only 1/2 to 1/10 of the power of metal halide, regarding to the size of illuminatino and installation height.



Applications of 1000 watt LED flood light

* Billboards

* Airport

* Garage

* Car Parks

* Building Facade

* Factory

* Sport facility

* Security

* Sports Stadium


If you are interested in our products, please feel free to contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or by phone 213-438-9858 (US) or using the contact form below. Thank you.

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