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100W LED Street Lights

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Product Description

LED Street Light 100 Watt  – Solar Powered Compatible


This 100 watt LED street lights is designed for outdoor uses such as highways and square. They are very durable and can reduce the maintenance rate despite its low price. 100W LED lights, which is compatible to solar powered panel are an excellent replacement of 250W metal halide, mercury vapor, and 400 watt high-pressure sodium street lighting systems because they don’t flicker and provide uniform distribution of light. These 100W LED street lamps using solar and electrical energy are widely used because they illuminate the area properly. Our 100 watt street lamps price is very low because we are the manufacturer. LEDs have longer lifespan and are perfect for areas where security and safety is of primary concern.


100W LED street lamps


Types of LED Street Lamps


When it comes to street lighting, safety and security should be one of the most important factors as there are chances of vandalism, theft, and other mishaps in dark. There are so many types of LED street lights available according to their specifications and uses. The price of 100 Watt LED street lamp also varies, ranged from $100 to $200. The price should be higher if solar panel is attached. The cost depends heavily on the specifications and the manufacturing quality. Following are some important classification.


Low Power Street Lights

The low power LED street lights are used to illuminate small areas such as parks, alleys, squares and small streets. These lights provide uniform distribution and give a good light structure. Low power LED street lamps is practical to use solar energy because LED is indeed an energy-saving luminary, which is an excellent replacement for the traditional lights such as halogen or sodium lights. A low power 100 Watt LED street light can provide illumination similar to a 300 to 400W HPS light. These lamps consume lesser power but they still provide good illumination on the streets. The 100w solar street light are also applied in areas where security and safety are needed, such as at offices, apartments, parking lots, and garages.


High power street lights

The high power LED street lights are designed to provide a uniform distribution of light, and offering good coverage to the outdoor areas. With its specially designed, high quality anti-glare lens, the pedestrian will be comfortable, and the drivers don’t get disturbed when they are manipulating the vehicles. The LED street lamp 100W can be mounted on high poles because they have good lumens ground reach ability.


100W LED Street Lights at low price

The 100W LED street lights consume lesser electricity to dramatically cut down your electricity bill. The lamps use high quality optics and electronic components and are very reliable to be used for street lighting.


To acquire the price and free DIALux photometric lighting design, please feel free to contact at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or should you prefer using the form, please feel free to fill in your info at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

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