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100watt LED Flood Light

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Product Abstract:

100 watt LED Flood light. IP67 Waterproof Extreme Power 100W LED. High Energy Efficiency Lens Technology for outdoor lighting design. We can apply 100W LED flood light to professional appliaction, such as stadiums, airports, racetracks and every large areas. The LED light is completely dimmable, and compatible to DMX -DALI. 5 years warranty. Our products acquire CE & RoHS certification.

Product Description

100 Watt LED Flood Light – LED Flood Light of 100W


We are LED manufacturer specializing in the 100 watt LED flood light. 100W LED flood light has many applications, including sport field lighting, as well as illumination for parking lots, warehouse, factory, building facade, airport, tunnel, roadway, racetrack and any large areas. The 100W LED flood light provides uniform, flicker-free, UV-free, energy efficient illumination.


Advantages of the 100 Watt LED flood light


The 100 watt LED flood lights has luminous efficiency of 130 lm/W, which is a double of the traditional metal halide lamps. With the use of LED flood lights 100W, you can reduce your electricity bill to 45 to 50% of the original while maintaining the same brightness. Besides, we have the remarkable lighting efficiency of 0.7 or more. This value is high enough for the standard of the professional sports field.


UV-free and flicker-free are the advantages of our 100 watt LED flood lights. The spectrum profile of our LED flood lights cut very sharply at 400 nm and 700 nm, therefore no UV light is emitted, which is harmful to human skin. However, if you use metal halide or fluorescent, leakage of this irritating radiation may occur because they produce light having wavelength higher than 700 nm, which exceeds the visible light region. As for the flickering issue, the LED flood light 100 watt produces smooth illumination.


We also install anti-glare optics inside the 100 watt led flood light. The special lens cover can reduce the glare up to 70%. You will not feel dazzling when looking at the side of the luminaries.


You may wonder will it be time-consuming to repair the lights? The answer is very easy to repair and maintain. With our modular design, you can take off the broken unit and then re-install the new one. Instead of removing the entire unit and send us back, you can install the new unit and make it 100% work again.


Product specification of the 100W LED flood light

Specification of 100W LED flood light


If you are interested in our LED flood light of 100W, please feel free to drop us a message at our mailbox beatus@ledsmaster.com, or via phone (213) 438-9858 (US). If you prefer using the contact form, you can fill in the message at the bottom of this page. We are looking forward to your message. Thank you.

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