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1500W Metal Halide & Halogen Replacement

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Product Description

1500W Metal Halide & Halogen Replacement with LED Lamps


We are lighting supplier of the LED replacement for 1500 watt metal halide lamps. Replacement of metal halide, quartz or halogen with LED is very common nowadays. These lamps can be applied to parking lot, sports field stadium, warehouse, mining sites and more. By doing the LED replacement for 1500W metal halide (HID) or halogen flood light, we can save 85% energy consumption. This page will give you a brief idea on how to replace MH with LED, like the power required for the 1500W halogen lamps equivalent to LED.


Replace 1500 watt metal halide and halogen with LED lamps


How to replace 1500 watt flood light of metal halide, HID or halogen with LED?


Power selection:

LED has luminous efficacy of 140 lumens per watt, which means for each W power consumption, the 1500W LED lights, for instance, can produce 140 unit of brightness. How about other types of luminaires?


The luminous efficiency of MH & HID is about 80 lm/W, while the halogen bulb is about 20 lm/W. We can have the following calculation. To replace 1500W metal halide with LED, we will need 1500W * 80 / 140 = 857W; and thus you will see 42.8% decrease of power consumption. For the halogen LED equivalent, we have 1500W * 20 / 140 = 214W, which means 85.7% save on power.


We observe the results of the is quite prominent. By achieving the LED replacement for 1500 watt halogen, you can save 85.7% electricity bill! Besides energy saving, what can I enjoy afterwards?


Advantages of metal halide and halogen LED replacement


Long life span:

LED lights have life cycle of 80,000 hours. If you turn on the lights for 8 hours per day, the lamps can be operated for at least 24 years. This value is much lower for MH or halogen, which is about 10 times lower. Having the long life span is vital for the infrastructure because sometimes it is very costly to replace the lamps in such the height, especially for high mast lights. And the time taken will not be very short. Why not selecting the lighting fixtures that are long-lasting?


More durable:

Our 1500W halogen & metal halide LED replacement kit has IP66 waterproof structure to tolerate the general adverse weather conditions. Natural or artificial water splash do not affect the functions of the lamps. Besides, we develop an exclusive heat sink system that protect the lights under high ambient temperature, with the fact that the brightness and life span decreases with increasing junction temperature.



It is easy for halogen or MH lights to emit persist UV lights, which is not healthy for people. By replacing them with LED lamps, the UV emission can be eliminated because we preset the wavelength within the visible light region only.


1500w led lights


1500W flood lamps


Our 1500 watt LED flood light can replace 4000 watt metal halide lamps. You can immediately save 62.5% electricity bill. We had the experience that our client saves US$100,000 electricity cost after a large-scaled halogen flood light replacement projects. Apart from monetary benefits, we can also reduce the unnecessary disposal of lamps due to short life span of metal halide lamps, and avoid the costly, frequent replacement.


If you are interested in our products 1500 Watt halogen LED equivalent lights, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com. If you prefer using the contact form, you can approach us by filling in the information at the bottom of this page. We are eager to solve your enquiry.

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