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1W Power LED

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  • Product Name:

    1W Power LED
  • Model No.:

  • Minimum Order:

    100 pieces

Product Abstract:

basing on good heat dissipation system, it insuring power LED's brightness, light reducing and Power LED's life

Product Description


Part Number Power Chip Brand Origin Chip
Luminous Flux Eimtted Color Color Temperature
LS-HPECL40M1CW-A8 1Watt Chimei Taiwan 40x40mil 1W 80-100lm Warm White
Cool White
LS-HPEGH38M1CW-A8 Epileds Taiwan 38x38mil 1W 80-100lm
LS-HPEGH45M1CW-A9 Epileds Taiwan 45x45mil 1W 90-100lm
LS-HPEJY38M1CW-A9 Epistar Taiwan 38x38mil 1W 90-100lm
LS-HPEJY45M1CW-A10 Epistar Taiwan 45x45mil 1W 100-110lm
LS-HPEJY50M1CW-A11 Epistar Taiwan 50x50mil 1W 110-130lm
LS-HPEPY45M1CW-A10 Bridgelux USA 45x45mil 1W 100-110lm
LS-HPEPY50M1CW-A11 Bridgelux USA 50x50mil 1W 110-130lm

1Watt Power LED is based on good heat dissipation system, it insure power LED's brightness, light lose and  life span.

1Watt High Power LED series emitters are one of the highest flux LEDs in the world by Ledsmaster.


    *        Longer Life Span

    *        Highest Flux

    *        Low voltage DC operated

    *        Wide Viewing Angle

    *        Available in white: 2500K to 25000

    *        Lamberatian Radiation Pattern

    *        More energy efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamp

    *        Cool beam, safe to touch

    *        No UV

    *        Instant light (less than 100ns)

    *        Fully dimmable

    *        Utilizing advanced InGaN chip technology. 

    *        Superior ESD protection

    *        Eutectic die bonding

    *        Rohs compliant


    *        Car Reading Lights

    *        CHMSL

    *        Top-Tail-Turn

    *        Traffic Lights

    *        Fluorescent Lamp

    *        Project Lamp

    *        Road Lamp

    *        Special Lighting

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