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3000W LED Flood Light

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Product Description

3000W LED Flood Light – 3000 watt Brightest LED Lamps for Stadium, Factory, Warehouse


In 2018, we offer the 3000 watt LED flood lamp for security sports field, stadium, factory, warehouse, mining site, airport, parking lot and more. This 3000W LED floodlight is equipped with super bright LED chips and thus becomes the brightest outdoor flood light bulbs in the world! This brightest 3000W lamp for exterior or indoor is suitable for ensuring outdoor security. We can even add motion sensor and solar panel onto this 3000 watt flood lamps!


3000 watt LED flood lamps


What are the applications of the 3000W flood light?

l  Airport, hangar, runway

l  Parking lot, garage

l  Stadium, football field, tennis court, basketball stadium, badminton court, batting cage lights

l  Mining site, factory, warehouse

l  Bridge lighting

l  Building façade decoration

l  Security, border defense, illegal immigration detection lighting

l  Grow lights

l  And more…


Why should we use LED flood light?

Saving energy. It is true that our 3000W LED flood light replaces 10,000W metal halide lamps, 15,000W mercury vapor bulbs and 20,000W halogen lamps. Maximally you can save 85% energy after the replacement of metal halide and halogen lamps with LED floodlight.


Super bright. With its 140 lumens per watt LED chips, this 3000 watt lights emit 3000 * 140 = 420,000 lumens. Since football stadium or mining site owner requests the brightest LED lights for outdoor sites, we manufacture such the high power flood lamps that concentrate the light beam and provide broad area lighting solutions.


Durable. This floodlight can last for at least 80,000 hours at L70. If you turn it on for 8 hours per day, after 1 year it just consumes 2920 hours, which is 0.0365 of total life span only! And thus, you have no need to replace the flood light 3000 watt so frequently.


For much info, please feel free to contact us by filling in the info at the bottom of this page. If you prefer using email, please feel free to drop us a message at beatus@ledsmaster.com, we are looking forward to your message. Thank you.

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