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300W Power LED Flood Light

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Product Abstract:

300W LED Flood Lights. Find the 300 watt LED flood light. Extreme power, outdoor power led flood lights. Versatile outdoor application, such as parking lot, airport, backyard. And facade, sports field, tennis court, badminton court.

Product Description

300W LED Flood Lights - IP67 Waterproof High CRI


300 watt LED flood lights


We are specializing in 300W LED flood light. It fits your parking lot, airport apron, small sports field, high bay and high mast lighting. Once you install the luminaries, you can enjoy remarkable life span, brightness, uniformity, and low electricity bill. Also, the 300 watt LED flood light are dimmable as it supports DMX-DALI system. We achieve CE & RoHS cert as well.


300W LED Flood Light: Strengths

Energy saving. 300W LED flood light can retrofit 1000W metal halide lamps. Luminous efficiency is about 140 lm/W, compare to 65 lm/W in MH. By makining use of LED, the energy cost can be cut about 70% while maintaining same brightness. Nowadays, people start thinking of environmental protection. To help with, replacing MH to 300 watt LED flood lights is a good choice.

High Color Rendering Index. Up to 80 to 90. CRI is important for color perception when illumination falls on objects. CRI more close to 100 means you can see the real color. The floodlight having 80 CRI is fits for general application. For instance, parking lot, warehouse, tennis court, ball fields, and backyard.

Long life span. Our product has 80,000 hours life span. If you turn on for 8 hours per day, it lasts for 25+ years. Therefore, you have no need to replace the LED so frequently and thus save your costs.


heat dissipation of the 300W LED flood light


Heat dissipation. The luminaries are equipped with exclusive heat sink structure. The extended aluminum fins provide large surface areas for heat dissipation.

Water-proof. Our luminary obtains IP66 rating that withstand common adverse weather conditions, such as stormy and scorching weather.


Specification of the 300 watt LED flood light

spec of 300w led


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