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Product Abstract:

Get Underwater Lights for Fishing. We offer Greend LED Fish Lights. Select the proper, bright and artificial lights to attract fish and increase your income. We offer 500 watt brightest LED green lights for fishing, which is waterproof and anti-corrosive. This product is suitable for floating or submersible fishing lights.

Product Description

Underwater Lights for Fishing – LED Green Fishing Lights


Underwater Fishing Lights in action: Fishing at night can be an exhausting but thrilling experience. You will never know when to retrieve the bait and how many would you get. Why do we need the underwater lights for fishing? One simple reason is to have better vision for this mysterious region and then you can see the marine lives clearly, and then you can target them in the denser area. That is one reason; however, the more important reason. And why do we have green fishing lights? We will solve all these questions in this page. Let's explore our brightest green LED fishing light.


Green LED Fishing Lights for Underwater Fishing


Underwater LED Green Lights for Fishing – Tips #1 Why lighting underneath water?


Strong and bright light source attracts baitfish, which is the bait of the fish that you want to catch. The Green LED fish light underwater will draw the tiny shed, that in turn lure the predatory fish to come here. All you need to do is to wait for your harvest! To make it simple, the strong light attracts baitfish, like tiny shrimp, then you target fishes eat that bait, lastly you catch them. Doing these at night is much effective. It is because during day time, the daylight is so dispreads. It is very difficult for us to produce such the intense underwater lights for attracting fish. Besides, many predatory fishes are not very active until the sun goes down. It is good to have LED lighting under the water for fishing.


Underwater Lights for fishing – Tips #2 Why Green Fishing Lights?


As light travels from surface of water to sea floor, the brightness decrease with the depth. It is so called attenuation of light underwater. The white sun light contains all colors, from red to purple. These colors have different wavelength. Since the red has longest wavelength amount the visible colors, and purple has the shortest, blue and green light has the higher penetration power of lights underwater. Therefore, you can see that the seal floor usually appears in greenish-blue color because the lights having this color can go further.


According to the biological researches done by Darrel, between blue and green color, underwater fishing green lights is preferred because green attracts baitfish, such as phytoplankton, more effectively. Phytoplankton is the major food source for many predatory fish such as salmon. These microorganism drifts toward the green fishing underwater LED light. The author of this research added that though white light has green proportion, majority of spectrum is absorbed by water underneath the sea very quickly. Therefore, bright green LED light can against this attenuation.


Green LED Lights for Underwater Fishing


Tips #3 – why LED Lights?


After discussing the principle and the color selection, let have a look at the reason to choose LED as the Lighting for catching fish. There are many green light sources such as LED, fluorescent and xenon. LED is the easiest way to produce green fishing lights. It is because we can control the color and wavelength of lamps by computer, or a special controller. We can even have the specific wavelength for catching different types of fish.


We offer the brightest LED fishing light in green color. The 500 watt LED underwater fish light can illuminate over 5 meters depth and 6 meters diameter. You can see the current products available in the market has only 10 watt to 100 watt. LedsMaster offers high power LED flood light for fishing. It has 500 watt, and even up to 1500 watt.


Waterproof is the paramount feature of the light. Our products obtain IP67 certification which is suitable for water immersion use. You have no need to worry water and corrosion issue because the outer shell of the submersible green LED fishing light is consisted of quality aluminum alloy, glass lens, and silicon cable cover. We specially designed this underwater lights for fishing.


Long life span, the LED green lights have life span of 80,000 hours, which is equivalent to 28 years if you use it for 8 hours per day. You can enjoy such as long-lasting lamps. With out 5 years warranty, you can get the very quick support and replacement if you have any specific needs. Customization is our service as well. You can add the component such as light reflecting barn door to reduce the glare. You can also select the specific color or wavelength of green LED fishing lights. We can preset several colors and thus you can pick one of these when using the luminaries.


The lamp applied in deep water fishing has input voltage of 12V, 24V and 220V. LED light source is energy saving and environmentally friendly, and has excellent effect on luring the fish to come. Also, our lights have CE & RoHS compliance. If you are interested in our brightest LED green fishing light, please do not hesitate to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or free feel to fill in the contact form at the bottom of this page. We are looking forward to your message.

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