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Athletic Field Flood Lights

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Product Abstract:

Athletic field lights, LED Running track flood lights for outdoor and indoor. High school runway lights for college, LED replacement for athletic field, for sale.

Product Description

Athletic Field Lighting LED Tips for Running Tracks Lights


LED flood lights for athletic field


We offer high quality and innovative athletic field lighting. We put much effort into improving performance of running tracks lights because it is the only way to give better user experience. Having good outdoor lighting design on sports field is vital because it ensures that the brightness and uniformity can satisfy owner’s requirement. Nowadays, LED replacement for athletic field lights are very popular and it is suitable for indoor & outdoor runway tracks lighting system. It is because it saves energy and has many merits.


Athletic Field Flood lights


Flood lights for athletic field has become the most common device to illuminate large sports areas. The general meaning of floodlight is that device which emits broad and uniform lights for outdoor athletic fields. It can be applied to football stadium, cricket stadium and more. Apart from outdoor application, the LED are also frequently used for the lights of indoor running tracks. LED is a relatively contemporary light source that saves 75% energy and can last for 80,000 hours. Long life span would greatly reduce your maintenance time and frequently.


Moreover, replacing athletic field lights by LED can further improve lighting quality. By means of asymmetric lens and beam angle combination, the lights of running tracks can illuminate the field evenly. In the past, due to limitation of metal halide, the power, color temperature and beam angle selections are very inadequate. Nonetheless, with the use of new era LED lights, it is easier to achieve the best outcome.


Since we have the athletic field lights for sale, you can get much info from us by mailing us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or should you prefer approaching us via contact form, please feel free to leave your message at the bottom of this page. We are looking forward to your message.

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