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Backyard Flood Lights

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Product Abstract:

LED floodlights for backyard. Best and brightest flood lights in backyards. With solar powered backyard lights, you can save up to 90% energy. Better security. Let's explore more.

Product Description

Backyard Flood Lights - LED Backyard Solar Lights


As Backyard Flood Lights, Low power chips of about 7W each and a luminous efficiency of around 160 lm/W are meant to pay back in the long run through their low power consumption, high efficiency, high durability and great illumination. Solar LED lights for backyard with energy saving and storage capacity to such extent consume very low power to generate the required illumination. Reduced power consumption with same heavy lamp results in distribution of power or energy throughout the lamp, resulting in good heat dissipation and cooler lamp. This in turn results in longer life of the light and great durability. The use of accurate and premium quality optics results in uniform distribution of flux to the target area with good ground reach ability.


Backyard flood lights


Backyard Floodlight


Historically, LEDs have been under use as indication lamps in different devices, but with technological advancement, the light emitting properties of LEDs and evolution in development of high quality lenses have lead to the use of LEDs in all applications, including Flood Lighting, Backyard Lighting, Street Lighting, Billboard Lighting, Strip Lighting, High Bay Lighting, Pack Lighting and what not. The main reason for the success of LED lights in lighting industry is the high efficiency, good quality and great durability.


On the other side, for those who require higher lumen ground reach ability at a low cost, high power chip generating around 6500 lm per chip which gives you brightest backyard flood lights experience. With high power chips, the number of chips required to develop the required illumination is reduced and thereby, the cost is further reduced. The use of accurate and premium quality optics results in uniform distribution of flux to the a large target area with higher ground reach ability.


Brightest LED Lights for backyard


Backyard Solar Lights LED


LED Flood Lights for backyard are available in a variety of combinations. For those who require higher lumen ground reach ability with a good price to power ratio and lower electricity consumption to pay back in the long run, chips with individual power rating of 40W and a luminous efficiency of around 130 lm/W will greatly serve the purpose. To achieve extra power saving, the solar panel can be attached to the backyard floodlight. The quality photovoltaic plates absorb sunlight in day time, and thus use these energy to provide illuminance at night. By doing so, you can enjoy wireless attachment of lights for backyard turf field. The use of heavy lamps with cooler chip design ensures that the heat is evenly distributed and dissipated, resulting in a highly durable light with great efficiency. The use of accurate and premium quality optics results in uniform distribution of flux to a large target area with higher ground reach ability.


To achieve a high ground reach ability, the chip is embedded deep inside the lamp and tightly covered by high tech reflectors, ensuring no light loss. To the front is the premium quality crystal clear optical lens which ensures that the light is properly distributed with negligible energy loss, to give maximum illumination.


Backyard Flood Lights are available in various features, some provide you the brightest and crispiest light, at the cost of low efficiency, while others provide you high efficiency with lower flux. Number of lights can be adjusted to come up with a perfect solution for every user.


If you require much info, please feel free to contact us by filling in the info at the bottom of the page, or drop us a message at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, we are looking forward to your message. Thank you.

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