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Product Abstract:

LED Lights for Growing Cannabis. Buy cannabis grow lights for indoor & outdoor. Accelerates marijuana growth by LED. 5 Years Warranty. Global Delivery.

Product Description

LED Lights for Growing Cannabis Selection Tips


Herb Grow Light   Chemical Response of Cannabis


The use of the Cannabis grow lights is on the surge because of legalization in US. To speed up the harvest of your herbs, the LED lights for growing Cannabis can activate the chlorophyll 24/7 on Marijuana leaves are vitally important. LED is the best choice because of its high energy efficiency and high PPFD (1500μmol/m2/s). LedsMaster offers the LED cannabis grow lights. Strong and persistent light is paramount for plants. Let's explore our strengths of products.


LED lights for growing cannabis

Marijuana grow rate can be enhanced with the use of strong artificial illumination. Using the unnatural illumination to plant seems unethical because you force them to absorb LED grow lights 24/7 inside the room. Nevertheless, the grow light for canabis is an effective tool to boost your yield. The principle is that we provide colored lights having specific wavelength to stimulate the plant cycle. We have 11 different orange and purple colors for various types of Marijuana. The wavelength of LED cannabis grow lights can be altered by a control panel. It can be achieved by computer as well. Metal halide is a traditional source of Marijuana luminary. 400 - 500 watt metal halide is very common nowadays. However, you can save extra energy cost by switching to LED. 150 watt LED lights for growing cannabis are equivalent to 400 watts MH. Depending on the height of your greenhouse, the power needed increase with height of your house. 6500K Color temperature can be the main wavelength to vegetative and flowering stages. Before the delivery, we can preset the specific color on it, or leave it variable.



High Quality Material of Cannabis Lights



High quality material inside grow lights for cannabis

Cannabis grow lights are installed on ceiling of wall. To ensure the safety, we adopt light-weight aluminum alloy for the outer shell. It is a strong and durable material which is common for LED lights. The weight of LED grow lights for cannabis is very important. It is because if you will need reinforcement of you attach site, which can be very costly. The installation cost can be comparable to the luminaries themselves.



Heat dissipation system


High durability of LED grow lights

Almost no one will disagree that the luminary for planting marijuana will be operated for a long time. 24/7 is very common. In fact, heat does build up inside any LED grow lights. LED produce lesser heat than metal halide already because of high efficiency. LedsMaster develops effective heat sink. This thermal management system can dissipation away very quickly. You can look at the protruding circular fins. These fins are attach to the heat source seamlessly to ensure effective heat conduction. The hollow structure, or the gaps between each unit, allows air passage. This ventilation and dense fins help maintain the junction temperature at a low range.


Modular design

Although our luminary products are durable, it may face unexpected damage during use. If one of the unit of LED lights for growing cannabis is broken, we can provide you with free module to replace. This free service is offered within 5 years warranty. The repair is very user-friendly, which involves screwing and minor soldering only. We will provide free, face time or skype tutorial. By having this feature, you have no need to repair the entire sets of marijuana grow lights.

To conclude, LED grow lights are a great choice for any replacement of HPS luminaries, because of the higher brightness, longer life span and more effective heat dissipation system. As you can observe that 1000W LED is equivalent to 3000Watts to 4000Watts Metal Halide Lamps. Please feel free to contact us for much information by email beatus@ledsmaster.com

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