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Custom LED Lights

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Product Abstract:

Custom LED Lights ranged from 100W to 10000 Watts. High Quality Custom LED Lighting. We offer free Tailor Made LED Lighting Service for all applications. Size, Weight, Driver, LED Chips can be selected when buying the Custom LED Lights.

Product Description

Custom LED Lights


Overview of Custom LED Lights


LED Custom Lights, both High Power & Low Power LED Lights, mean you can select the Power, Size, Weight, Driver, Optics, Installation Affixation Components of LED Lights. Even more, LedsMaster allows 2D or 3D draft submission of Custom LED Lighting, which means we can manufacturer a new tailor made LED Lights in accordance with your drawing and any special requirement. LED Lights is a new trend in lighting field because it saves 80% of energy when comparing to Metal Halide Lighting, therefore you can save your electricity cost if you switch to LED Lights. If you have any requirement, please feel free to send as a message, we will custom LED Lights for you. LedsMaster can manufacturer both High Power & Low Power LED Flood Lights.


Custom LED Stadium Lights-LedsMaster


Custom LED Stadium Lights


Lighting up the stadium is not an easy task, so Custom LED Lights for Stadium is essential nowadays. As you can see almost every Stadium Lights have different settings. Only the Custom-made LED Lights can fulfil the requirement and provide you with the best stadium Lighting solutions. The lights can revitalize and stimulate excitement inside the Stadium and the spectators, so as to provide better user experience.

Another technic we would like to focus on Custom LED Lights is the Anti-Glare optics. Our tailor made LED Stadium Lights have flicker-free optics that is compatible to 5000Hz-6000Hz High Speed Photography and 4K TV Broadcasting. At LedsMaster, we always explore the unlimited possibility of Custom LED Lighting. The general feature of our LED Lights include 80,000 hours life span, can be installed over 50 meters, state-of-the-art LED optics for crystal-clear coverage.


Car Light Bar-LedsMaster


Custom LED Light Bars


As for Custom LED Light Bars of Low Power, LedsMaster manufacture 60W to 400Watts Car Light Bar. The Custom LED Light Bar can be installed in front of the car to provide better visualization of road. Since there are different curvature of car, LedsMaster can tailor make the Car Light Bar so as to fit the curve of your car. For instance, you can send us the 3D drawings of any draft that clearly show the shape of place you want to install the Car Light Bar. And then our engineer will manufacture the Custom LED Lights Bars for your own car. No additional fees are added. By using our LED Lighting and Car Light Car, you can enjoy 27 years life span if you prone to turn on the Car Light Bar 8 Hours per day. And the super bright visualization on road even if there are no Street Lights.


High Bay LED Lighting-LedsMaster


Custom LED Lights & Custom LED Flood Lights


Our custom LED Lights for High Bays are of remarkably high efficiency. We adopt CREE & OSRAM LED Chips and Meanwell that provide stable and bright illumination. They are the perfect LED Lighting solutions for Parking Lot, Warehouse, Gymnasiums, Factory, Airport LED Flood Lights and any other Large Areas. Since we are using LED Technology, the heat lost inside Custom LED Lights is much lower than that of Metal Halide Lights, and thus our Customized Lights are much brighter.



Other Custom LED Lights


LedsMaster is a versatile Power LED Flood Light Manufacturer, apart from the above Custom LED Lighting Products, we also manufacture Customizable LED High Bay Lights, tailor made LED Street Lights and LED Tunnel Light. To explore more, you are welcome to send us a message at beatus@ledsmaster.com, or using the contact form below. We are looking forward to you message.

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