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Equestrian Arena Lights

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Product Description

Indoor Riding Arena Lighting – Equestrian Arena Lighting


Whether you construct a new horse arena or maintain the current field, LedsMaster offers the lights for equestrian field that keeps your arena bright and safe. Indeed, the equine facility requires the indoor riding arena lighting that is for better user experience, which means flicker-free and uniform illumination. In some cases, outdoor riding arena lighting fixtures need much rigorous standard such as water-proof and anti-corrosive structure. Let’s explore how we light indoor & outdoor riding arena.


Equestrian Arena Lighting



Equestrian Arena Lighting & Equine Lighting


To provide proper lighting, we need to recognize the lux, or brightness requirement. In general, for equestrian arena lights, 200 lux to 300 lux is the normal standard brightness. To achieve this, you can select 400 watt, 720 watt or 1000 watt LED flood light installing at the height of 10 to 20 meters height. Have no ideas on how to arrange the equine lights? You can send us a message indicating the dimension of your equine equipment, then our engineering will provide you with free lighting design for riding arena. If you are interested, you can drop us a message at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, you will get the feedback very quickly.


Indoor Riding Arena Lighting


CRI & heat generation is the main issue we need to identify when it comes to indoor riding arena lights. Our LED lights has CRI of 85, and thus allow good rendering of colors. You can see the real color of the horse and surroundings objects. It is especially vital for broadcasting or photography. High CRI value can please the spectators. Heat generation inside the equestrian arena lights is highly related to life span of the luminaries. According to the research, persistent strong heat can decline the brightness and life span of the lights, no matter LED or metal halide. We install the effective thermal management system for the indoor arena riding arena lighting. It consists of circular aluminum fins to give large surface areas for heat lost. It dissipates the heat away very quickly and thus protect the lighting fixtures, and also the horses.


Indoor Riding Arena Lighting


To conclude, improving the equestrian arena lighting is important because it directly affects the user experience. If the horse and user feel happy, they can keep using your outdoor or indoor riding arena lights. Also, the comfortable & anti-glare lights will let the users stick on your equestrian arena. If you wish to acquire the free quote and lighting design, please feel free to contact us by the following means:


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