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Factory Lighting

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Product Description

Factory Lighting


Factory lighting improves worker’s productivity and safety. There are different types of factory requiring unique lighting for cheesecake factory as well as manufacturing plants for automobile, food, building material, cloths and more. Various sites will have their own standard. High temperature or low temperature factory lights are the prerequisite of continuous operation. In some settings, temporary suspension on manufacturing process may cause significant lost, and lighting has its important function of offer adequate and appropriate illumination for the areas.


Factory lighting


Factory Lighting requirement


The main working area needs 200 lux. Higher the lux value, brighter the factory lighting. This value is for a preliminary reference only. If the manufacturing process involves assemble of delicate parts, we would recommend 400 to 500 lux. After knowing the lighting requirement, how can we implement it? We select the appropriate power according to its area. For a 1000 square meter environment, we need 200 * 1000 = 200,000 lumen (light output of LED lights), then we have 200000 / 140 = 1430 watt. Here is it – we approximately need 1500 watt per 1000 meter square field. It should be noticed that it is the estimation only. We offer professional lighting design for factory, you can enjoy this free service by contacting us.


Low temperature and high temperature factory lighting


If you happen to go to factory of cheesecake, you will probably be surprised because almost all factories use dim lights. Creating romantic and relaxing atmosphere is one of the reasons. In fact, strong heat from lights will affect the texture and quality of dessert. To help maintain low room temperature, low temperature LED lighting for factory is a wise choice. Since LED does not product much heat when comparing to HID or metal halide, it saves energy and does not contribute to undesirable raise of temperature. Besides, our factory lights have dimming and color changing ability; therefore, you can adjust the unique atmosphere and select the warm or cool lights for cheesecake manufacturing plants. Our products are particularly desirable for heavy industry such as mining and any factory sites as well.


For high ambient temperature setting, we need to ensure proper heat sink inside the lights because the prolonged heat accumulation will cause the damage of the factory lights. To handle this condition, we use the LED chips having ultra-high lighting efficiency of 170 lm/W; and thus reduce the power consumption. Besides, the LEDs for factory are equipped with effective thermal management system that reduce the heat resistance by 80%. The heat accumulation inside the lights are reduced and thus protect the luminaires.


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