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Flat Panel LED Lights

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Product Description

Flat Panel LED Lighting


With the use of flat panel LED lights, we can say goodbye to other incandescent, metal halide or fluorescent lights. LED flat panel lighting have brushed off other substitute lights for several causes particularly for lesser consumption of energy, safe to use, environment-friendly and longer life. The flat panels are applied to office lighting, indoor factory and more.


Rough estimates are by 2030 or before flat panel LED lamps would be saving 190 terawatts annually. Industrialist and commercial business owners are looking for metal halide replacement of their panel lighting system which could save their money. Hence, LED light is now preferred as it uses 85-90% less energy and because these lights have the longer life than normal MH and halogen lights. Everyone is seeking to replace their lighting system with LED flat panel lamps due to its vast range of benefits over other alternates. 


Flat Panel LED Lights indoor office


Specifications of LED flat panel lighting

Flat LED lamps are indoor use compatible because of its slim size, smart in shape and style. These lights are designed so as to draw extra heat away from bulb so no heat goes in an aluminum sink. Heat shortens its life, so its design is kept as to take away heat from a sink. Its aluminum frame makes sure heat dissipation. And less material is used to build this portable light bulb.


The LED panel light is flat in shape and doesn’t have much weight. It is inexpensive and available easily in market everywhere. This LED flat panel lighting consumes lesser power and can be used for a long time with the guarantee. They are popular in the market due to its sleek design and innovative specifications. It is designed to take over traditional lights and bulbs which consume much power creating the energy crisis.


Benefits of Flat LED Panel lights

It consumes up to 13 watts of power and can be used for more than 80,000 hours. It is far better in all respects than conventional bulbs such as metal halide and halogen. It saves your money and precious time. It is made to exceed standards of energy start which allows LED to rebate qualification.


LED flat panel lamps distribute illuminance all around it evenly which is the major cause to save light. To get anti-glare, evenly distributed light, flat panel LED are also being used to light up kitchens and bathrooms. Its directional lighting capacity saves up to 85% energy loss. Furthermore, flat panel doesn’t get fail or fuse after ending up of their lifespan instead it gets dim over time. It all depends on quality and fixture of light that how longer lifespan it covers. Usually, we guarantee to cover 70,000 to 80,000-hour lifespan. Whereas, a conventional bulb can only last for 1,000 hours and in comparison, fluorescent bulb lasts for just 9-10,000 hours.


Flat panel LED lighting is free of filaments and glass cover which make it immune from breakage with vibration effects like conventional bulbs. Traditional bulbs get failed when they are repeatedly switched on and off but flat LED is unaffected by rapid switching. 


LED flat panel lighting provides controllable light which another amazing benefit of it. Its brightness is controllable through a program. Its light and colors can be adjusted according to requirements of a user.


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