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Football Field Lights

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Product Abstract:

Football Field Lights, LED soccer field lighting. Find the LED Football field lights for sale. We offer football lighting design. Worldwide Delivery.

Product Description

Football Field Lighting – Soccer Field Lights


Football Field Lights


We are high power LED lighting manufacturer who are specializing in football field lights. Before going over the product detail, it is important to recognize different types of venue, from recreational to professional field. It is because we need different football field lights. For the big and the most common ground, its size is usually 105 * 68 meters. For the 5-a-side soccer field, it is about 45 * 28 meters. The illumination standard varies according to its size and nature. Let’s explore our advantages of the soccer field lights.


LED soccer pitch lighting


Football field lights tips


UEFA imposes rigorous standard for the football field lighting. According to their document, there are already 6 types of ground, namely Elite Level A, Level A to D and non-broadcast matches. For the highest standard, it requires the luminaries to have 2000 lux horizontal illuminance, as well as lighting uniformity of 0.5 to 0.7. apart from brightness, the color temperature should be 5000 to 6200 K, which is the normal daylight to slightly cool color. Also, it is necessary to have CRI of 80 to achieve better color rendering and thus the user can see the real colors. Actually, there are different standard decided by the institutions in every country or matches. LedsMaster is the sport lighting expert that encounter almost all types of soccer field lighting, so you don’t need to worry about the lighting design, as we offer the free lighting design for football field lighting.


LED lights for football field


LED advantages of the soccer field lights


When it comes to football field lights, they have many exclusive advantages that the metal halide lamp does not have. For instance, LED has remarkable luminous efficiency of 140 lumen per watt, which means each W can produce 140 unit of brightness; however, metal halide lamp has 75 lumen per watt only. By having the metal halide replacement, the electricity bill can drop to 50% of the original value.


UV is another concern. LED lights do not emit UV radiation that is harmful to skin. It is because the lighting spectrum is controlled with only the visible light region of 420 to 680 nm. The profile of the white light is quite uniform across the visible light spectrum.


If you would like to acquire much info for the low price football field lights, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or if you prefer using the contact form, you are welcome to fill in the info at the bottom of the page. We are eager to solve your issues.

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