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Free Lighting Design

Free Lighting Design | DIALux Simulation


LedsMaster provide you with Free DIALux simulation analysis for electrical contractors. You can enjoy Free Lighting Design by send us an email which indicating the area, lux requirement, number of poles, height of poles and any special requirement. We accept the following DIALux Simulation request:


DIALux Simulation


Free Lighting Design Offered


1.      Stadium Lights

2.      Airport & Apron Lights

3.      Billboard Lighting

4.      Parking Lot

5.      Construction

6.      Industrial Lights

7.      Ball Field Lighting

8.      Large Area Lighting



Lighting up the large area is not an easy task, and it is very undesirable to know the flood lights are not bright enough just after installed. In light of this, LedsMaster offers Free Lighting Design – DIALux Simulation for all of our potential clients. LedsMaster will provide you with accurate estimation reports on how the LED Flood Light perform when they are installed.


How to evaluate the DIALux Report?


Many LED Flood Light Manufacturers will offer FREE Lighting Design; however, how to identify if the reports are of shoddy quality? Apart from the lux requirement, we need to look at the light uniformity, which means how well the light is evenly distributed. For instance, when it comes to the professional football stadium, light lux requirement can be raised to 1500 lux with the uniformity up to 0.8, which is a very high standard and needs high quality LED Lights to achieve. LedsMaster manufacturers high quality Flood Light, with the help of our professional engineer, you can always obtain the best lighting design for your projects.


There are many shoddy DIALux reports in lighting field, some of the poor manufacturer will fabricate the data such as changing the number inside the report before submitting to clients, which is meaningless because it might cause re-installation and unforeseeably serious loss.


LedsMaster has 12+ years of experience and complete over 1,000 Stadium, Indoor & Outdoor Free DIALux simulation lighting design projects and always produce decent outcomes. If you have project that needs High Power LED Lights, please feel free to contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com




Free Lighting Design

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