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Frisbee Field Lights

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Product Description

Ultimate Frisbee Field Lights


To play the flying disc at night, we need the frisbee field lighting. To optimize the use of outdoor ultimate field, LED lamps can be used to provide illuminance across the turf fields. You may wonder how to light frisbee field for outdoor backyard or indoor sports center? Can I use portable lights and solar powered panel for ultimate frisbee? If you are afraid of AC voltage connection on the lamps, we have the complete wireless lamps for portable use. Let’s explore now.


How many power do I need to light a frisbee field?

For a standard court, it is talking about a 110 * 37 = 4070 meter-square area. Then, as for the brightness of frisbee field lights, 200 lux is suitable for recreational use, while 500 lux is for professional matches such as high school or regional competitions. Lux is the unit indicating the brightness. LED frisbee field light is an energy efficiency device. Since our LED lamps have high luminous efficacy, the power required for a standard frisbee field = 4070 * 200 / 140 = 5,800 watt. If you use metal halide or halogen lamps, it will need 12,000 watt and 40,600 watt respectively; therefore, you will see there is a great energy saving capability by using LED lights for ultimate frisbee playground.


Ultimate frisbee field lighting


Is there any portable light that are suitable for frisbee play?

Truly, sometimes we may not want to go with such the big field. If you prone to have frisbee play in a smaller area such as football field, or even in backyard, we have the portable lightings for tiny frisbee park. The system is consisted of 60 watt LED lights. We use 18650 batteries to provide electrical energy. To become portable, the battery box is attached beside the frisbee field lamps with a special water-proof shielding.


This portable set provides 3.5 hours use, and thus you can enjoy continuous frisbee play with your friends. After the play, you can charge the 18650 batteries. You can see our ultimate frisbee field lamps are very convenient for portable and outdoor use. The product also includes the tripod stands with wheel to enhance the portability of frisbee park lamps.


Portable frisbee field light battery


If you prefer using renewable energy, the solar powered ultimate frisbee field lamps will be your best choice. The sun light absorption panel generate electricity for the lamps. With our special design in 2018, the energy conversion rate is improved by 30%, and this the solar frisbee field lighting is very long-lasting.


For much into, please feel free to contact us by filling in the info at the bottom of this page. Or should you prefer direct email sending, please feel free to drop us a message at beatus@ledsmaster.com

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