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Product Description

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights


Applying the full-spectrum grow lights is the best way to speed up the plant growth. What types can we use? The full spectrum LED grow lights would be your cheaper and the best choice. The lamps for growing plants having full wavelength is more natural than one that having specific spectrum, and thus give better outcome for household, greenhouse, commercial or industrial use. LED can be used as grow light because of its high energy efficiency when comparing to fluorescent or metal halide lamps.


Therefore, we can see there are numerous indoor LED grow light options available but after the advent of the LED technology, all of the LEDs of these types are not designed in the same way. There are many factors that should be considered before choosing a full spectrum grow lamps. LED can deliver immense power to the grow rooms so that they serve to be an ideal space for nurturing and accelerating the growth of the plants.


LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights


Benefits of the Full Spectrum LED Grow Light:

The traditional LED lights that are not designed for growing plants because, they only release the spectrums, that are activated after the period of photorespiration has taken place. For this reason, the traditional LED lights are used for only growing the low light plants such as lettuces and herbs.


However, some plants need full spectrum LED grow lamps so that they could yield better and healthier. Providing such plants with only some of the beneficial spectrums, such as the pink light is not enough. However, providing just pink, blue, or red lights is not all that a plant needs, and a spectrum containing full wavelength offer a lot more to make the plants grow in a better way. Following are the main benefits of using LED grow lights for plants:


Lower heat output and higher energy efficiency:

The best thing about the full spectrum LED lights for plant growth is that they can provide you with a huge harvest and that too with a reduced electricity bill. If you want higher crop yields with lower heat output and higher efficiency, you must consider the LED grow lamp with full wavelength.


Full spectrum grow light mimics sun lights


Resemblance to real light spectrum:

LED full-spectrum grow lighting mimics the wavelength profile of real light and thus they offer a broad spectrum for the growth of the plants. These LEDs are perfect for the indoor growing environments such as greenhouse, as the traditional LEDs provide only limited spectrum, which is not enough for the growth of the plants. The LED lights of these types also offer a balanced light, and some are even designed to switch between the flowering cycles and the vegetative growth cycles.


What to consider before choosing full spectrum LED grow lights?


The amount of heat LEDs are producing:

The first thing to consider is the amount of heat the plants are getting. The crop can get damaged if it will get excess heat and thus it is very necessary to plan accordingly. Therefore, choosing a high quality LED light that provides higher luminous efficiency and lower heat output is the best solution.


Type of crop and growing space:

The growing space will help in determining the number of LED light fixtures and their wattages required. The plants that require full sunlight to grow will need higher wattages per square foot of the growing space available. Also, it is important to consider that different plants have different growth needs and choosing LED lights with limited spectrum can cause issues with their growth.


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