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Gymnasium LED Lighting

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Product Abstract:

GYMNASIUM LED LIGHTING TO replace conventional led lights

Product Description

Gymnasium led lighting are our 4th generation technology on lighitng. The fast growth of TV brocasting has made the lighting for gym quite a lot different than before. The main difference are as:

1. Higher CRI for better broadcast effect.

    Most of the TV staion and camera require at least CRI 80, and some of the requirement goes as high as 90.

2. HIgher TLCI for better camera effect

    TLCI idex can show how camera react to the color of lighting. As it is a new technology, and requirement, more and more clients start to focus on this index.

3. Higher Intensity of Lights

    With HD camera broadcasting and 4K broadcasting, plus some of the sport has fast moving either on athelic or moving ball, the required brightness is at least 2 to 4 times than before. Which increase of the burden as all the world is crazy for power saving.

4. Lower weight required

    Because the light itensity requirement is 2-4 times higher, and we expect the power to be a lot lower than before, the weight of the light is a lot hard to control. Plus most of the stadium is old and don't want to change the mouting structure, weight control on LED light in replacement is a lot higher.

5. Longer lifetime required

    By changing into LED soltuion, we expect the light to stand there for 10 years or longer. As most of material at market is not build up to 10 years or even not build up to toal outdoor use, making LED a longer lifespan is quite a hard job for now.


In Ledsmaster solution, we have succesfully make the light quite suitable for gym use, with below main feature:

1.  CRI 95 support

2. TLCI 95 Support

3. 2-4 times of Intensity by using only half of the original power

4. Lower Weight with easier mouting structure, make the project a lot easier

5. All material and design are build for outdoor use of 10 years, longer lifespan guaranteed.



Model No. Power Light efficiency Lumen (White) Equal Lumen (White) Available Angle Reference Direct Replacement Color Temperature Light Body Size
LxWxH (mm)
exclude holder
Light Weight
Working Voltage
LS-ARE-100 100W 130lm/w 13000lm 26000lm 15°,25°,45°, 70,°95° 200-300W
Metal Halide
291*100*150 3.2 90-295V AC
LS-ARE-200 200W 26000lm 52000lm 400-600W
Metal Halide
548*100*150 5.3
LS-ARE-320 320W 41600lm 83200lm 700-900W
Metal Halide
387*210*143 8.2
LS-ARE-480 480W 62400lm 124800lm 1000-1200W
Metal Halide
387*320*160 10.5
LS-ARE-600 600W 78000lm 156000lm 1200-1500W
Metal Halide
483*320*160 13.5
LS-ARE-800 800W 104000lm 208000lm 1600-2000W
Metal Halide
483*430*160 18
LS-ARE-1000 1000W 130000lm 260000lm 2000-2500W
Metal Halide
540*483*160 22.5
LS-ARE-1200 1200W 156000lm 312000lm 2500-3000W
Metal Halide
650*483*160 25.3
LS-ARE-1600 1600W 208000lm 416000lm 3200-3800W
Metal Halide
870*483*160 36.2
LS-ARE-2000 2000W 260000lm 520000lm 4000-5000W
Metal Halide
1090*483*160 44.6
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