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Handball Court Lighting

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Product Description

Handball Court Lighting: How to Light Up an Outdoor Handball Euro 2018 Stadium?


Professional handball court lights are essential for the top-class tournament such as European Men’s Handball Championship. In 2018, we supply a new series of LED lighting for handball court which is cost-effective. Our flood lamps are suitable for high school and college outdoor or indoor handball stadium as well. If you are looking for retrofit. LED high-mast lighting replacement for halogen, mercury vapor, metal or high-pressure sodium saves up to 85% energy. This page shares with you the handball court lighting requirement and standard, as well as the advantages of using LED lamps for arena and gymnasium.


LED handball stadium flood light


How to light an outdoor or indoor handball court?


The size of a standard handball court is 40 * 20 = 800 square-meters. According to the official recommendation, the lux requirement for handball field is 300 lux for training. And thus, we need 800 * 300 = 240,000 lumens, which in turn 1700 watt LED flood lamps for lighting up an handball court. If the lamps are for international matches such as handball stadium for Euro 2018, the power required may raise to 5000 to 6000W.


After selecting the power, we need to have the proper arrangement of high mast lighting for outdoor handball court. Depending on the design of your court, we may have 4-pole, 6-pole or other setting having different heights! Lighting simulation DIALux is always a good tool to predict the illumination across the field. By using this software, we can accurately foresee the lighting uniformity and lux levels of handball court.


Handball court lighting


Why using LED lights?


Durability is very important for outdoor handball court floodlights. Our LED has IP66 certification and thus prevent any dust or water droplet from entering the light body.


Long life span. No matter for indoor or door courts, we need to tackle the issues of heat accumulation inside the LED lights. It is because strong and persistent heat will deteriorate the luminary faster and thus lower the life span; nevertheless, our LED has effective heat dissipation system to maintain the junction temperature at a low range. This structure ensures our sports lighting have 80,000 hours life span! Since we own the manufacturing plant, we can make sure the cost and price are low.


If you are interested in our sports flood lamps, please feel free to contact us by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. If you prefer email sending, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, we are looking forward to your message.

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