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High Bay Linear Lights for Warehouse and Factory Aisle

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Product Description

High Bay Linear Lights for Warehouse and Factory Aisle


How to light a warehouse or factory aisle? By making use of Linear LED high bay lights, you can save much energy and maintenance time. Let’s consider metal halide replacement for 400 watt or 1000 watt metal halide or halogen with LED. In the emergency, reliable linear warehouse aisle lighting that provides adequate illumination for the passage can increase the chance for survival.


Linear warehouse aisle LED high bay lighting


Linear lights for factory and warehouse aisles

No matter for shops, warehouses or factory, the passageway should have at least 200 lux for clear vision of workers. LED floodlights for aisles have linear arrangement that is space-saving and energy efficient. Our 400 watt metal halide and HID replacement kit for warehouse have high luminous efficiency of 140 lm/W. By retrofitting the MH or HID lamps by linear LED aisle lights, you can save 85% energy and enjoy 81,000 hours life use.


Since the high bay lights may be attached to the height of 5 to 20 meters, the ground reach ability of the light is important. If the illuminance cannot reach the aisle floor, the shops might be very dim and of low lighting uniformity. Poor lighting decreases the productivity of workers.


Our factory aisle lights are also equipped with motion sensor module. To further reduce power consumption on aisle lighting, the LED is activated when someone walks nearby.


How to select the right power for metal halide or halogen replacement?

To replace the 400 watt metal halide lamps inside warehouse, we need 400 * 75 / 140 = 214 watt linear LED lamps. If your current lighting fixtures are halogen, the value will be 400 * 20 / 140 = 57 watt LED. Therefore, you can observe there is a big gap between using the MH or halogen with LED high-bay lamps. It is worthwhile to use LED lights as you can save energy and protect the environment.


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