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High Power LED Flood Light For Tennis Court

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Product Description

LED Tennis Court Lights for Indoor and Outdoor

We are the LED suppliers offering the tennis court lighting. Replacing the Metal Halide or halogen to LED tennis court light is worthwhile because of its remarkable brightness. It is important for indoor and outdoor LED tennis court flood lamps to give quality illumination. LedsMaster manufactures the high energy efficient tennis court flood lights save 75% energy when comparing to the traditional lighting fixtures. Once we have client saved US$100,000 electricity cost of the sports field per year after the large-scale replacement of outdoor tennis LED. The price of tennis court lamp is very cheap, affordable and cost-effective, and thus you can buy the best fixtures after enjoying our free lighting design of tennis court. In 2018, we launch a new series of solar lamps system.


Tennis Court Lighting, LED Tennis Lights


How to light an indoor or outdoor tennis court?

Many of us may have little idea on how many sets and the arrange of luminaires when it comes to lighting the tennis court. No matter for outdoor or indoor tennis court lighting, we need to know the nature of your court, whether it is for recreational use of for professional tennis matches. For the commercial field which is opened for the public, we need about 200 to 300 lux. In fact, the brightness requirement will be different because of the unique requirement imposed by the owners.


Let’s do a quick calculation, to light a 200 meter-square court, at least we need to install the lights producing 200 m2 * 200 lux = 40,000 lumens. If you select our LED flood lamps for tennis field, the power required = 40,000 / 140 = 285 watt, which means the rough idea is about 300 watt LED lights for each court. And thus, you can see LED is an energy efficient choice for tennis court lighting because the power consumption is reduced after the replacement from metal halide or halogen lamps. However, it only account for the play area and the audience seat area is not considered. For a more precise tennis court lighting design, our engineer will give you the support. You can get this free service by contact us (the contact details are placed at the bottom of this passage).


After solving the power selection, we need to focus on lighting uniformity. Some owners may require the floodlights for tennis court should have high lighting uniformity. It is reasonable to have this request because the uneven brightness across the field will affect the vision and thus the performance of players, and the audience experience. To obtain the best results, our engineers make use of LED lights having various beam angle and projection angle. In the professional setting, we will need hundreds of smaller power LEDs.


LED lighting design for tennis court


To have the outdoor LED tennis court lamps, we need to ensure that they can resist high and low temperature, as well as water splash. It is because once they are installed, the LED lights will be susceptible to every adverse weather conditions such as scorching sun, rainstorm and snow for specific countries. To have the better reinforcement on the lights, it is strongly recommended to let us know whether the surrounding environment have the special issue. According to our experience, some of our client reflect that acid rain problems are involved near the court; in accordance with this issue, we further reinforce the tennis lights by adding the thin polycarbonate cover over the aluminum shell to help enhance the durability during the manufacture. Another interesting case is that there are many tiny birds nesting on the luminaries because of the warmth. There are no problems for nesting on the outdoor tennis court lights, but the eggs may not be stable when hanging in such the height and slippery surface of LED. Therefore, we add the shield that prevent them from staying on the lights. It is for the birds’ safety.


Outdoor LED Tennis Court Lamps


With the technology advancement, outdoor floodlighting for tennis court become more common in LED type. In the past decades, the 1000 Watts to 2000 Watts Metal Halide needs around 15 minutes to warm up and they are needed to be replace frequently because of its relatively short life span. Nevertheless, LED lights for tennis field do not need any start up time, which means the luminaries can be turned on and off instantly. Also, LedsMaster LED luminaries has 80,000 hours life span, which is equivalent to 27 years for if you turn on 8 hours per day. Most importantly, the luminaries have IP66 waterproof function that tolerates common adverse weather conditions at the outdoors courts.


Tennis Court Lighting


Tennis court lighting tips: heat dissipation and life span


LED flood lamps for indoor tennis court is especially susceptible to heat issue – strong & persistent heat damages the LED chips and thus reduce the brightness and life span. To solve this issue, LedsMaster develops exclusive and effective heat dissipation system that maintain proper heat lost. The heat sink involves Dense Aluminum Fins attached at the back of the light to provide large surface area for the heat dissipation.


Heat Dissipation of LED Tennis Court Lights


Points to Note while light up the tennis field


Apart from buying the tennis court lamps, You can also enjoy FREE DIALux service, which is the design of tennis court lights. We know that each ball field will have different lighting requirement such as the number of poles, height of poles, brightness lux requirement, anti-glare, flicker-free or other special lighting needs of outdoor or indoor tennis court. LedsMaster can satisfy your needs because we can offer tailor-made, LED tennis court lighting for you without any additional cost. As for the maintenance, LedsMaster Sports LED adopts modular design that save your maintenance time because we can replace the individual unit of module instead of the entire set.



In fact, there are 3 classes of illumination classification related to tennis field. Class I is the most professional, for the international competitions such as Wimbledon Championships; Class II represents Mid-level competitions like the local club’s matches; and Class III is for recreational matches. These 3 classes have different lux requirement. For instance, 500 lux for Class I, 300 & 200 lux for Class III & III respectively. Also, all three classes require different lighting uniformity as well.


Product Enquiries on sports flood lights


With 12+ Years’ Experience on LED Sports Lighting, LedsMaster is professional in supplying high quality but low price LED tennis lights. If you want much information, please feel free to contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com or using the contact form below. We are looking forward to your message.

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