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Product Abstract:

LED Hockey lights. Ice arena lighting is a first step to unleash the infinite potential of your ice hockey arena. Proper hockey rink lighting invigorates the games. And enhance user experience when watching the matches of hockey rink. LedsMaster is a professional and experienced High Power LED manufacturer for sports stadium, with 12+ years of experience.

Product Description

LED Hockey Lights – Ice Arena Lights


LED Ice Arena Lights


Digital controlled LED Hockey Lights


First thing first, glare in LED hockey lights is one the most important issues that we need to solve. in accordance with the findings of AHL & NHL teams, the  ice arena lighting make the white ground brighter and dazzling. This affects the performance of ice hockey players, the spectators and also the photographer & sports reporters. To solve it, using digital hockey rink lighting is an effective method.


Computer controlled LED hockey lights can be used in hockey games, recreational and amateur ice skating. Its principle is that we connected the ice arena lights in series and to the computer. Then, we use a software to control the brightness and number of luminaries turning on. Therefore, you can manipulate the position, accent, and the lighting layers with ease. If you want to perform the lights show during the break of ice matches, you can switch to RGB Color Changing function of our led hockey lights. They can produce very complex lighting effect as well.


Hockey LED Lighting


Reason to replace Hockey Rink Lighting


The requirement of Hockey rink lighting is quite demanding. It is a vigorous sport that involves high speed movement of players and puck. To be captured each moment clearly inside ice arena, LED lights have flicker-free illumination is vitally important. LedsMaster ice arena lights have non-flickering optics. It is compatible to 5000 Hz slow motion photography.


Besides, energy efficiency and life span are the major reasons to switch to LED. It is regarded as an electricity bill saving luminaries because of its exceptionally luminous efficiency of 140 lm/W, which is 2 to 3 times higher than conventional lamps such as Metal Halide. After the retrofit, your Hockey Arena can save up to 70% energy and thus vast amount of electric cost. As for lifecycle, no one would be prone to change and re-install the hockey rink lights within a short period of time. In fact, LedsMaster LED Flood Lights have life span of 80,000 hours (27 years operation for 8 hours per day)


Energy Saving of LED


Replacement of Ice Arena Lighting from Fluorescent


We have completedseveral NHL Ice Arena LED Lighting replacement projects. The compliance is very good. As reported by our users, the electricity bill can be saved up to 20% to 30%, and the quality of light is improved. Besides, the lighting uniformity is very outstanding as the ice arena lights are evenly distributed inside arena.


100 Watt to 4000 Watt

Light efficiency:

IP Ratings and storage:
IP66, -40˚C to +65˚C

Input Power:
AC 95-295V or DC 12V/24V

Available Beam Angles:
5°, 10°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°, 120°

Dimmable & Computer Control; Anti-Glare System; Modular Design; Effective Heat Dissipation System; Remarkable Lighting Efficiency and Uniformity


If you would like to get the best price of LED hockey lights or should you have any enquiries, please feel free to leave us a message at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or using the contact form below. We are looking forward to your message.



Sport Lighting on Ice    Hockey Rink Lighting

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