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Product Abstract:

Airport lighting. Find LED Airport lights, Apron lighting fixture. Find runway lights here. 80,000 hours life span, 5 Years Warranty, IP66. We offer free lighting design & worldwide delivery.

Product Description

Airport Lighting – LED Airport Lights – Runway Lighting Fixture


LED Airport Lights


LedsMaster offers LED Airport Lights, runway lighting fixture & apron lights having excellent brightness, uniformity and heat dissipation system, IP67 water proof rating, 5-year warranty and 80,000 hours life span.

Our Airfield Flood Lights are equipped with top-of-the-line Anti-glare lens providing brightness yet non-dazzling illumination for pilots, airport traffic control tower staff, ground crew and passengers. We are experienced in providing High Mast Airport Lights worldwide including Southampton Airport, Los Angeles International Airport & O’Hare International Airport. LED Light for Apron & Airfield Runway is a trend because of its energy-saving properties & excellent brightness.


Airport Lighting, Apron Flood Light & Airfield High Mast Floodlights Overview


LED Airport Flood Light has become more popular over the last decade. Aircraft transport is much affordable, reliable & safe because of aviation technology advancement. In light of this, the number of airport replacing their Metal Halide Lamps with High Mast LED Apron Flood Lighting in the Airfield is on the surge, and the demand on LED Light is incredibly high. You will enjoy instant benefit of decrease of electricity bill and maintenance cost by using LED Airport Apron Floodlights, because of its lower energy consumption & longer life span, with the fact that almost all airfield comes up with 24-hours operation in order to accommodate more flights (only some of them are closed at certain period of time, such as at night, due to noise restriction & citizen’s complaints); therefore, a long-lasting High Mast Flood Lights for Aviation use is vitally important.


LED Airport Lighting is supported by many local governments. They agree that LED is somehow a reliable & energy-saving light source, and it becomes renewable energy if Solar Panel Light for Airport is attached; therefore, they provide subsidy for replacement. Indeed, once we have a client that saves US$0.25 million on electricity cost per year after buying our Energy-efficient High Mast LED Apron Flood Light to replace the conventional Metal Halide Lights. The application is not limited to Apron Lights, but hallways, parking lots, waiting lounge, runway, or any large area venues. We also manufacturer recessed lights & down lights for Aircraft Corridors. There are numerous Airports using High Mast LED Flood Lights already, says for example, Southampton Airport in UK, Los Angeles International Airport in CA, O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, which these are the projects we involved in, and also Oakland International Airport.


Apron & Airfield LED lighting


For the past 12 years, we strive to manufacture High Mast LED Flood Lights for Airport Large Areas. To provide better quality, we constantly have the fine adjustment on the optics, and adopt the latest model LED chips for Airfields. Recently, our R&D team have successfully developed a revolutionary secondary reflector technic that slashing the glare up to 85%. This is vital for Airport Flood Lighting because strong glare will decrease the vision of pilots, ground staff, as well as air control tower members. The LED Airport Light unit designed by LedsMaster for Large Area illumination saves 70% energy when comparing to conventional type of lamps such as Metal Halide Lights. It is because the luminous efficiency of our LED High Mast Airport Lighting Systems is 2-3 times higher than that of Metal Halides.


Notes for Buying Apron & Airport Flood Lighting


Airport Flood Lighting is one of the most challenging project we have even encountered. We would like to share with you how we help our electrical contractor clients to win their bids, despite there are fierce competition. First thing first, we will get the info about the size of Apron, Lighting brightness requirement of Airfield, height of the Airport High Mast Poles, and the number of Airport Lighting Fixtures for holding the Floodlights. Usually the Flood Lighting requirement is not very harsh, which is in between 40 to hundred lux. Then, actually the poles are fixed which is very unlikely to be relocated, therefore, we will precisely identify the best arrangement of High Mast Airport Flood Light by means of different power & beam angle of LED Lights, so as to ensure the lighting uniformity is as high as possible. Our DIALux report (a lighting report estimating the brightness outcome when the lights are installed) genuinely reflect the lux readings in different region of Airplane Parking Sites. The bidding the competitive because there are many shoddy manufacturers who make up their DIALux report, and then sell you the Airfield Flood Lights having poor quality with very low price. You can receive a very “attractive” price of all the Airport Lighting because of their unsatisfactory quality, which is recognized by extremely short life span (a few months and then goes off) & insufficient brightness (so they can sell you lesser sets of light and thus extraordinarily low price). Although you may find our price is not the lowest as what the shoddy goods are, we guarantee quality, which is in terms of brightness, uniformity, anti-glare, life span, heat dissipation and water proof. We handle almost 1,000 Lighting Projects and did the respective amount of DIALux reports of High Mast Apron LED Lights for our electrical contractor clients.


Airport flood lights led


Strength of our LED airport lights


You can buy top-of-the-line & quality LED Airport Flood Light, Apron & Airfield Lights.


a) 95 % energy efficiency – most of energy is used to light up the aviation area.

b) Premium Optical Lens System gives you extra brightness & ground surface reachability of Airport Floodlights.

c) Anti-glare optics that provide better vision of pilots, air traffic control tower staff, ground crews and passengers.

d) High Power mode available: 1000W LED, which retrofits 3000W Metal Halide Airport Lamps.

e) Light-weight & Strong Aluminum Alloy Shell & Corrosive-resistant Silicone Rubber Cable to tolerate adverse weather conditions.

f) Modular design saves your maintenance time by replacing the portion that goes off.

g) Lifespan of 80,000 at L70 which greatly saves you maintenance cost.

h) Warranty of 5 years for our High Mast LED Airport Floodlighting products.

i) Water-proof design: IP66 rating, which is essential for Apron Flood Lightings.

j) Wide range of working temperature: -25⁰C to 55⁰C.

k) Dense Aluminum Fins structure & hollow structure provide effective heat dissipation of Outdoor Airport Lights, and thus enhances life span of lights.

l) Premium supports which include prompt after-sale service, repair of light if necessary.


airport commercial LED lights


Specification – Optics


Item no: LS-APL100-1000

Power: 1000W

Light Source: Bridgelux

Luminous Efficiency: 130 lm/W

Luminous Flux: 130,000 lm

Beam Angle: 10°, 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°, 120°

Color Rendering Index: 80

Color Temperature: 2700 to 3500K; 5000 to 7500K


Power Supply


Driver: Inventronics (optional Mean Well)

Input Voltage: 90-295 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Power Efficiency: 0.9

Power Factor: 0.95


Storage & Durability


Working Temperature: -25°C to 55°C

Storage Temperature: -40°C to 80°C

Lift Span: 80,000 hours at L70

Water-proof: IP66 rating


Size & Weight


Dimension: 852 x 455 x 250 mm

Weight: 19.0 kg

Weight without driver: 11.8 kg


Price of 1000W High Mast LED Airport Flood Light, Apron & Airfield Lighting


Our Airport LED Floodlights are of cost-effective price, without compromising on the quality. Please feel free to contact us to get the most competitive price of Airfield Lights by means of the form below, or at beatus@ledsmaster.com. We are looking forward to your message.


LED Airport Lights

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