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LED Auditorium House Lighting

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Product Abstract:

LED auditorium house lighting. Auditorium lighting. LED has many advantage such as 80,000 hours life span, high brightness and lighting uniformity. We grant 5 Years warranty. Lights for auditorium, such as recessed lights, RGB lights and flood lights covering large areas. We offer worldwide delivery.

Product Description

Lighting for Auditorium


We are LED company offering LED auditorium lighting. Auditorium lighting has many applications such as opera house, theater, school hall, stage and arena. Proper illumination can improve user experience, we can combine the use of high power LED flood lights, recessed lights and color-changing lights to create unique atmosphere. No matter for classic opera, drama or modern concert show, you can enjoy the benefits of the LED auditorium house lights.


LED Auditorium House Lighting


We strive to uphold the quality of the auditorium lighting. Apart from reducing your electricity bill, we found that quality should have the highest priority. Some may want to ask why should we concert to LED housing lighting for auditorium? It is because LED has the following advantages.


Colorful lighting effects: our RGB has 16 million colors. The color changing effect can be controlled by computer. If you are interested, you can have a look at the demo on RGB lighting for auditorium on YouTube. In this setting, we can connect the LED lights in series and to the USB DMX-512 device. Afterwards, you can manipulate the lighting effect inside theater.


Dimming ability: it is very common to dim the LED auditorium house lighting. Our brightness of auditorium lighting is in the scale of 0 to 100%, so you can achieve the fade out lighting effect by using the knob to adjust. This feature is suitable for church auditorium lighting as well.


Auditorium Lighting - LED Advantages


Flicker-free illumination: we understand that filming and photograph is necessary in the concert. The lighting for auditorium house supports 5,000 Hz slow motion photography even for the dimming lights. It is because we decrease the brightness of LED by reducing the current instead of rapid on-off technic.


Bright illumination after show: to provide proper illumination for the audiences to leave, high power LED flood lights is installed in the top ceiling. Sufficient LED auditorium house lighting is vitally important because it can prevent the accident from happening.


Energy saving: when comparing to metal halide, LED has two-timed brightness for the same power. For instance, a 250W LED flood light can retrofit 500W metal halide lamps; and thus, your energy bill is reduced to 50%.


If you would like to acquire the price and free auditorium lighting design, and also LED auditorium house lighting products, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or call us at 213-438-9858 (US). If you prefer to use contact form, please feel free to leave us the message at the bottom of the page. Thank you.

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