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LED Batting Cage Lights

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Product Abstract:

LED batting cage lights. Grab quality luminaries, both outdoor and indoor are applicable. Ultra-bright, flicker-free, anti-shock. Enjoy long life span of batting cage lighting. Explore more.

Product Description

Batting Cage Lighting Guide


Batting cage lights - LED lights


Baseball can travel up to 100 km/h inside the field. To have a better vision on the fast-moving balls, we need the proper batting cage lighting. The lighting requirement is about 300 to 500 lux generally speaking.


Super bright and energy saving

We adopt bridgelux LED chips that illuminate lights 140 lm/W, which is the double of metal halide lamps. Therefore, you can get the same brightness, but using the half of the energy. To further enhance the lighting performance, our engineers will provide you with DIALux simulation. This is the software predicting the brightness outcome of the luminaries. It is an accurate and convenient measurement because you can know the lux level in each portion of the field in advance. Our engineers are proficient in 3D model construction and thus give you the authentic results.


Advantages of LED batting cage lighting: anti-shock

The luminaries may be susceptible to high impact from the baseball. To handle this issue, we adopt anti-shock lens cover for the luminaries. The light can withstand up to 200 km/h baseball direct hit according to our tests in the laboratory.


Experienced manufacturer of batting cage flood lights

With 10+ years of experience in sports lighting field, we understand the needs, light should be flicker-free as well. Significant flickering affects the safety and user experience, irritates the eyes of players, and affect the photo or video shooting inside the baseball cage. Our luminaries is compatible to 6000 Hz photography. Besides, lighting uniformity is another concern. The field needs about 0.7 lighting uniformity so as to provide better vision of people. Moreover, the hollow structure gives better heat dissipation inside the batting cage lights.

To have the quote and free lighting design, you can send us a email to beatus@ledsmaster.com. Or if you prefer using the contact form, you can fill in the form at the bottom of this page. We are looing forward to your message.

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