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LED Billboard Lights

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Product Abstract:

Billboard Lights, LED Billboard Lighting. Low cost billboard LED light fixture, for outdoor and indoor. LED Billboard sign lighting. Super bright and high uniformity, 5 years warranty, 80,000 hours life span. Worldwide Delivery.

Product Description

Billboard Lighting


How to attract much intention by using the billboard lighting? LedsMaster is an experienced manufacturer of the LED billboard lights. We accumulated about 10-year experience on the sign lighting. We have participated in around 100 advertisement billboard lighting forcommercial.While helping our clients to illuminate the sign properly, we thoroughly understand the requirement and know what is a good product. Let’s explore how can we select the proper luminaries.


LED billboard lights


LED Billboard Lights


The most important issue of the LED billboard lights are the lighting uniformity. Ensuring the evenly distributed illumination can make your advertisement much more presentable, especially at night. To achieve this, we adopt 3-row design for the billboard lighting. What are the difference between these 3 rows? Though you may think they are identical; however, these 3 rows of LED lights have various beam angle. The most common combination is 25°, 40°and 90°, from top to down. The smaller the beam angle, the further the light can shine. So, you will now recognize the billboard lighting fixtures can have uniformity illumination across the distal, middle and proximal region of the large sign areas. If the beam angles are the same for all rows, the distal region will be very dim while the proximal one is very bright; this is so called poor lighting uniformity.


Why using the LED lighting for billboard?


From the owner’s perspective, we want to optimize the income. To do so, we can adopt the LED lights having high luminous efficiency. LedsMaster manufactures a unique product line of LED billboard lights with very high lumen per watt while having the most uniform lighting distribution. With the use of LED, you can save 80% energy, and thus save a lot of energy consumption. Apart from saving the money, our environment is also protected because of lower carbon dioxide emission. Our lights are also UV-free and mercury-free as well. For the durability issue, our billboard lights have IP66 ingress protection rate which can tolerate adverse weather conditions such as stormy outdoor environment.


As for the warranty, we offer 5-year “No Light Loss” guarantee, which means you will not feel significantly decrease of brightness within this period. This feature makes our products are ideal for outdoor sign board, and avoid the frequent maintenance and replacement rate at the same time when comparing with the conventional lights such as metal halide lamps. If you are interested in buying the high quality LED billboard lighting, please feel free to contact us at email beatues@ledsmaster.com, or via phone +1 213-438-985 (US). Also, you can also feel free to fill in the information in the contact form at the bottom of the page. We are eager to answer your enquiries. Thank you.


Billboard lights

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