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LED Boat Lights

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Product Abstract:

LED Boat Lights, Underwater LED Lights for Boats. The LED boat lights have IP68 cert and 5 years warranty. Buy boat light bar for marine use. Global delivery.

Product Description

LED Boat Lights for Underwater


LED boat lights are the must-have accessory, not only for decoration, but safety. A clear and bright LED lights for boats allow other ships to identify you in the dark. In fact, many unhappy events are caused by instant failure of radar, and the crew cannot recognize the front ship in time because of darkness. Therefore, the popularity of underwater LED lights for boats is increasing. LedsMaster offers versatile luminaires for different parts and functions. Let’s explore our products.


LED boat lights


LED Boat Lights


The most important feature for LED boat lights is low power consumption. Due to high energy efficiency of LED lights, it reduces electricity burden of boat for 70%, if you currently use metal halide lamps. Due to its low voltage input of 12V / 24V, it can be connected to your boat with ease. Besides, the LED lights for boat have 80,000 hours life span; therefore, once you install the luminaries, you can enjoy the life long use. Frequent repair or replacement of LED boat light may affect the structure of your yacht. Our LED for boats are equipped with high quality optics that enhance the reach ability and penetration underwater. The strong light allows you to have a crystal-clear vision and thus finish your work effectively.


Underwater LED lights for boats


Underwater boat lights


The colorful boat lights can serve stunning decorative purpose. With the use of underwater boat lights, we can achieve astonishing rear and edge lighting effect. The RGB lights for boat can be attached at the back, and then you can control the colors of the illumination by using a special controller or computer. This underwater LED lights for boats support 16 million colors. All you need to do is sitting on vessel and then enjoying the impressive lighting effects with water splash. This is the exclusive feature for LED boat lights because we can manipulate the colors easily. You will seldom find the metal halide can achieve this effect.


LED boat lights that are waterproof


Waterproof LED boat lights


The essential feature is waterproof. The LED boat lights for underwater has IP66/IP68 ingress protection rating, which is suitable for long term immersion in running sea water. The luminaries are so water-tight and dust-tight that prevents saltwater and any microorganism from entering the LED boat lights. Before delivery, with the consent of buyers, we will test the lights and capture the videos to proof its waterproof ability; therefore, we can 100% guarantee that it is functionable after installing to your yacht. If you would like to get the quote or should you have further enquiries, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or if you prefer using the contact form, please feel free to fill in the information at the bottom of this page. We are looking forward to your message.

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