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LED Building Lighting for Exterior Decoration

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Product Abstract:

Quality exterior building lights. With the use of high tech LED color changing, you can establish astonishing, decent facade lighting.

Product Description

LED Building Lights for Exterior Facade Decoration


LED flood light is a good choice for lighting building facade. With the use of building exterior lights, you can decorate the outer wall by colorful illumination and invigorate your walls. You can enjoy 16 million colors, including white light. The prominent examples of application is the Empire Stage Building and Bank of China Tower. Apart from large scale projects, we also provide solutions for small architecture.


Color changing facade lights


Product characteristics


Energy saving: LED saves 75% energy comparing to metal halide lamps. It is because LED has remarkable energy efficiency of 140 lm/W while MH has only 75 lm/W. You can cut down considerable amount of energy by selecting our products.

Long Life Span: 80,000 hours span is vitally important. It is because once the outdoor building facade lighting is installed, you are not expected to replace the light very quickly. Our LED flood lights have 28 years life span if you turn it on for 8 hours day. It is the inherent properties of LED building flood lights.

Heat dissipation: LedsMaster installs very effective thermal management system in our luminaries. It consists of very dense aluminum fins and evenly distributed at the back of the heat source. This offers huge amount of surface area for the heat exchange between the extended fins and surrounding. Especially under the scorching sun and weather, it predominantly affects the life span of building facade lighting.

Beam angles: to decide how to spread the building lights, you need to think of the beam angle of luminaries. The higher the value, the spreader the light. To have different wonderful coloring and wall washer effect, you can select the combination of various angles. Our luminaires have 15, 20, 45, 60, 90 and 120-degree. And various powers are available. We manufacturer high power LED flood lights for architecture, from 100 watt to 1000 watt LED.

Weight: to guarantee the safety, the weight must not exceed the safety factor of the structure. Otherwise, it may fall down and cause serious consequence. Since our LED use aluminum alloy, the weight is lesser than metal halide and thus it is safer. If you want to get the info of our lights, the weight is about 16 kg for 1000 watt model.

If you are interested in our lighting solutions, please feel free to contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or using the contact form below. Thank you for your message.

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