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LED Crane light for Harbor

Product Abstract:

LED Crane Lights. Find crane light for harbor at LedsMaster. 5 Years Warranty, 80000 hours life span LED Crane Lights. This product can be applied to harbor, sea port, construction and mining sites. Proper lighting is important for workers' safety.

Product Description

LED Crane Lights – Crane Lighting


LED Crane Lights


Overview of crane lights

LED Crane Light is a great source of illumination inside the sea port. It is because LED crane lights can produce super bright illumination. A 300 watt LED flood light can replace 1000 watt crane lights of metal halide. Other advantages include longer life span, light weight and instant on and off


Low maintenance rate on LED crane lights

LedsMaster produces high quality and durable LED crane lights fixtures. They all have 80,000 hours life span, or 28+ years use. Therefore, almost you have no need to change the LED crane lights for a long time. The luminaries are made of strong aluminum alloy and thus anti-corrosive. Our product withstands stormy weather and scorching sun.

The maintenance costs of the LedsMaster crane lighting system are lower than MH systems. It is because longer life time and durability of LED. Furthermore, the robust luminaires are designed for easy and quick replacement of the old crane lights. Since dust are hard to stick on the luminaries, the lights do not need frequent cleaning.


open design of led crane lights


Open and hollow design of crane lights

LED crane lights are susceptible to strong wind. Our product has open space design to allow air passage. This structure can tolerate stormy environment. Our clients always reflect that is a good design. It is because this arrangement can make the LED crane lights safer.

You will also discover there are dense fins. These extended aluminum fins are made for heat dissipation. The strips provide large surface area for conduction of heat. Low temperature protects LED crane lights, and thus save your repair cost.


High energy efficiency

LedsMaster LED lights save 75% energy when comparing to metal halide. Our LED crane lights have luminous efficiency of 140 lm/W, which is about 2 times of MH lamps. Your electricity bill of harbor can be cut half while having the same brightness. Though the crane lights price is a little bit higher, it is worthwhile because of energy saving.



Anti-glare is very important for workers because dazzling lights irritate them. LedsMaster develops special lens that shield the glare. This would not affect the brightness of LED crane lights.


Crane light application


To conclude, with the appropriate lighting, the sea port & harbor can operate 24/7 smoothly. Selecting LED has many advantages. For instance, long life span, energy saving, brighter, anti-glare, lesser maintenance and withstand adverse weather conditions. A bright environment can reduce the accident rate of workers according to the researches. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or by means of the contact form at the bottom. Thank you very much.

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