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LED Cricket Ground Lights

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Product Abstract:

LED Cricket Lights. Find cricket stadium lighting, cricket field lights, fixture. 5 Years warranty floodlights, IP66. Global Delivery.

Product Description

LED Cricket Lights – Cricket Field Lighting


LED cricket lights


Overview of LED cricket lights


LED Cricket Lights. Cricket stadium lights LED. Cricket field lights are vital for matches. At night, you will need super bright luminaries to provide illumination for players and spectators. Usually the cricket ground lights surround the circular field. To provide proper illumination, high power LED that travels a long distance is necessary.


The requirement of LED cricket lights is demanding. The radius is about 70 meters. And thus, the area is 15,400 m2. For professional matches, the cricket ground lights should have 750 lux. If your field is for recreational purpose, 200 to 300 lux would be enough. LedsMaster is experienced in handling the projects of sports and stadium lighting for 12 years. We finished different stadium like football, rugby, tennis, badminton & other types.


cricket ground lights


Characteristics of Cricket field lights


LED Cricket lights are equipped with 15W LED individual chips.They have luminous efficiency of 160 lm/W. By making comparison with metal halide. MH has around 70 lm/W. Therefore, you can save money on luminaire. It is because you install lesser luminaries. It saves at least 75% energy and electricity expenses. We adopted the advanced chips to provide focus lighting beam on turf. Our engineers will also make the fine adjustment on optics. Each case will be unique, and cricket field lights are changed. For instance, the power, beam angle, and anti-glare.


Heat is an issue for cricket field lights. Heat is accumulated during operation of luminaries. If the temperature is too high, the electronics inside LED cricket lights will be damages. To solve this problem, LedsMaster develops high-end thermal management system. The fins have very large surface area to let the heat conduct away.


sports led lights


Better lighting uniformity. It is not desirable to have lights suddenly dimmed or too bright. It makes the eyes feel uncomfortable. Our top-of-the-line optics can enhance the uniformity value to 0.8, which satisfies requirement of USACA. Anti-glare optics is another strength. Cricket field accommodate thousand of spectators. Low glare luminary will not irritate their eyes. They can enjoy the clear vision throughout the matches. The optics also supports high speed photography up to 5,000 Hz. It is the high quality, flicker-free luminary.


What if unexpected error occurs? The LED cricket field lights may go off because of wrong wire connection or serious natural disasters. To repair the luminary, all you need is remove the broken portion and then replace them by a new unit. We provide you with free modular to install. Therefore, you can save maintenance time and cost – almost instant repair.


Main product spec

Model number: LS-FLN1080-ULT

Ingress protection rating: IP66

Storage temperature: -40°C to 60°C

Power input: 90-265 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Beam angle: 25°, 40°, 60°, 90°

Color temperature: 2800-7500K

Color rendering index: 80


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