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Product Abstract:

LED Flood Lights. LED floodlights for outdoor and indoor. LED flood light fixtures. Buy the cheap LED Flood Lights. 5 years warranty. Worldwide Delivery.

Product Description

LED Flood Lights

We are a lighting manufacturer specializing in LED flood lights. With 12+ years of experience, we have been showing our capability to sell the LED flood lights for outdoor, and we gain the trust of buyers around the world. Since we are participating in flood lighting industry for a decade, we understand the requirement of LED Lighting. Let’s explore our brightest outdoor LED floodlight.


Applications of the LED flood lights


We did a lot of LED flood lights for sports. For instance, we finished two football stadium LED flood lighting projects for the home ballpark for Premier League football club. We also provide flood lights for 200+ sports field such as badminton court, tennis court, soccer pitch, volleyball courts. There are individual products of LED flood light fixtures for each application. Apart from sports lighting, we did countless amount of commercial LED floodlight fixtures.


Airport, parking lot and warehouse are our focusing projects. We offer the outdoor LED flood lights for cheap price. Sometimes we receive the bulk order of 300 pieces of 1000 watt LED flood lights. Other applications include gym lighting fixture, for mining, searching, prison, and fishing lights. Though the price is low, we do not compromise on the quality. At LedsMaster, you can always find the good, commercial LED flood lights for outdoor.


Advantages of the LED flood lights


It is worthwhile to make the investment of brightest LED outdoor flood light, because of its wonderful and unprecedented features. Firstly, the lighting efficiency increase a lot. The LED light now has the efficiency of 140 lm/W, which is two times of metal halide lamps. In other words, you can maintain the same brightness while cutting down the power consumption to half. It saves your electricity bill and help protect environment as well. If you compare this value to metal halide lamps, it only has the lighting efficiency of about 75 lm/W. MH can be regarded as the relatively energy-consuming light source. Especially for the large area lighting, the difference in the electricity cost can be very huge. According to one of our cases, the client saves US$120,000 electricity cost per year after the replacement of metal halide to the brightest flood lights LED. They have 3 large football pitches, and the brightness and lifespan of LED are very well.


Longer life span and thus reduction on maintenance rate


Since we are attaching great importance to sustainable development, we strive to increase the life span of the LED flood lights. Nowadays, our LED luminaries have life cycle of 80,000 hours at L70. It means you can operate it for 27 years for 8 hours per day. L70 represents the brightness falls to 70% of its original value after turning on the luminaries for 80,000 hours. The people use 70, but not 80 or 90, because human eye can feel this decline significantly. The advantages of the incredible long life span include reduction of the replacement rate and maintenance cost. It not only saves our earth, but also let you get rid of frequent repair and reduce your cost. Promotion the use of outdoor LED lighting fixture is good for us.


Better heat dissipation on the LED flood lights


Weight and heat dissipation is the paramount consideration of the outdoor LED flood lights for commercial. Keeping the LED less heavy is vitally important because each light pole has different weight bearing limit. If the luminaries exceed the limitation, you will need to reinforce the light poles. The cost can be higher than the luminaries themselves. LedsMaster offers light-weight LED flood light for commercial outdoor application. Heat can damage the LED lights. To reduce the heating impact, we develop an effective thermal management system inside the flood lights. The systems contain the dense aluminum fins that has very large surface area allowing heat transfer to surroundings.


UV-free lights for healthier life


UV-free spectrum is another important feature for outdoor LED lights and commercial floodlights. Comparing with metal halide, white LED light contains 400 to 700 nm only, and there is no leakage of UV light and infra-red lights. However, you can easily discover the light having wavelength higher than 700 nm emitted from metal halide lamps. So, a coating is needed inside the MH; however, there is still a chance of UV coming out from MH. Using LED technology can completely get rid of the harmful UV light production. We precisely preset the spectrum of the LED flood lights before delivery so as to eliminate the UV that leads to skin cancer.


Modular design for easy repair


When you need to repair of the LED flood lights due to the unforeseeable damage occurs, you have no need to repair the entire unit. Instead, you can take the broken unit out and then connect the functionable unit inside the hole again. We can provide you with free module for replacement. Our clients found that it is a very good feature of LED flood lights, especially outdoor. It saves a lot of time of repair. In fact, when the light goes off unexpectedly, might be due to artificial damage by people, it can cause a lot of loss. For example, the soccer stadium lighting, parking lot and airport. These venues cannot operate without the application of brightest LED flood lights.


The above are the general advantages of the flood LED lights, if you want to explore different applications, you can get access to our product list below, the main page or the LED lighting product page. If you wish to get the quick price quote and free design for lighting, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or call us at +1 213-438-9858 (US).If you prefer to use the contact form, you can fill in the information at the bottom of this page. We are looking forward to your message. Thank you.

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