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LED Fluorescent Replacement Tube

Product Abstract:

LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement. We offer good and quality LED T8 fluorescent fixture replacing kit. Brightest and energy saving lighting alternatives of lighting fixtures. With the use of LED, you can enjoy long life span, UV-free illumination, lesser heat dissipation. Explore more at LedsMaster.

Product Description

LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement – Replace T8 fluorescent with LED


People start to think of LED Fluorescent tube replacement, which has both advantages and drawbacks. In the article, we will provide you with the general ideas of fluorescent tube and how do we achieve replacement to LED.


LED Fluorescent tube Replacement – basic info of fluorescent T8, T12


The lamps are ordered according their tube diameter. We have T2, T4, T5, T8, T9, T10, T12, T17... Higher the number, large the diameter. To replace fluorescent tube with LED properly, you need to know your size first. For instance, T8 is the most commonly used tube since 80’s, which has the diameter of 1 inch, or 25.4 mm. T12 has diameter of 1 1/2 inches.


We participate in LED fluorescent tube replacement for years, and we accumulate countless client network around the world. We offer T8 fluorescent tube replacement kit, as well as T10 and T12. The application includes subway lighting, interior room lights, parking garage lights, and also lights for food processing, warehouse, airport lounge.


LED replacement for fluorescent tube, LED fluorescent T8 tube


Working principle difference between mercury and LED


To know the advantage of LED fluorescent tube replacement, we can observe the difference of working mechanism of both lighting technology. For the fluorescent tube, it is called as low-pressure mercury vapor gas discharge lamp. The steps for producing illumination is very complicated. Firstly, we need a ballast to provide instant high voltage to vaporize the mercury. Once the current pass though, the electron inside the mercury ion will be excited. When the electron falls from higher energy level to lower energy level, a special radiation, UV light, is emitted. However, this is not visible yet. Instead we need a substance called phosphorus. We need to add the phosphorus layers onto the inner layer of fluorescent tube. This layer absorbs the special radiation and excites the electron inside phosphors. When the electron falls to lower energy level inside the inner layer again, visible light is produced. We call it fluorescent because it absorbs UV light and re-emit visible light.


The lighting mechanism of LED is another story. Driving current passing through the semi-conductor inside light emitting diode, and then causes electrons to get into the gaps or holes. This process is kind of energy falls from high to low energy barrier. The difference between the energy levels contribute to illumination of visible light. We can observe that LED uses the simpler mechanism and it does not require ballast to ignite the lights.


Tips #2: UV-free illumination after T8 fluorescent tube replacement with LED


UV light is produced inside the tube. Ultraviolet radiation leakage is the serious issue of the T8 fluorescent tube. If the coating is peeled off inside the tube, the UV light will come out and hurt us. It is a relatively high energy radiation that can cause skin cancer. You will hardly know how many and when will this detrimental radiation emit, unless you have the detector at your home or beside you. Nevertheless, LED has UV-free spectrum because we can control the wavelength of light by using different kind of semiconductor. Let’s have the LED fluorescent tube replacement.


Circular LED fluorescent replacement tube


Tips #3: Energy saving & longer life span for LED fluorescent replacement tube T8


Another reason we need to have LED fluorescent tube replacement is the energy saving properties. By using LED, you can save 40% energy it is because the lighting efficiency is 140 lm/W, while fluorescent is about 80-100 lm/W. Besides, LED has 40,000 more life span; therefore, your maintenance and replacement rate of LED tube can be dramatically decreased. You have no need to buy a new T8 tube every few months; instead, you will only feel very negligible decrease of brightness after 15 years use.


If you are interested in our LED T8 tube, please feel free to send us a mail at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or if you want to use the contact form, please fill in the information at the bottom of the page. We are looking forward to your message. Thank you.

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