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LED Food Processing Lights

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Product Description

Food Processing Lighting Guide


Food Processing Lighting


We are LED company focusing on the food processing lighting. The environment inside the food-processing plant is very demanding: high temperature, vigorous water splash, hot oil & even steam. The unprotected luminaries will be susceptible to damage, frequent repair; or even worse, the wrong food lights can affect the safety. In light of this, we designed a special reinforcement for the luminaries, which include water-proof, anti-glare, anti-shock and high temperature protection. We also offer metal halide, HID, halogen, high-power sodium replacement and retrofit lighting for food processing plant and factory.


Food Processing Lighting: tolerate harsh environment


For the raw meat processing industry, the cooked ingredient will pass through various process including washing, mincing, stirring, cooking, liquefaction and more. Each step may produce different side products such as high temperature grease splashing, steam and chemical spraying. Our LED food processing lights are equipped with water-tight structure. They all obtain IP66 certification; therefore, they can tolerate general liquid jet. If the luminaries getting dim or dirty, you can rinse them by water. Besides, the luminaries are made of anti-corrosive aluminum alloy and polycarbonate lens that can withstand high temperature and chemicals. You may have experienced frequent replacement or retrofit of lights of MH of halogen lamps because of their low durability. Retrofitting to high-temperature LED lamps inside food process plant have many advantages. Let's have a look!


LED Lights for meat factory: safety of workers and food


Unlike LED, fluorescent is not the best choice for the meat factory. It is because fluorescent contains mercury inside it. Chances are that the mercury will leak into the ingredients when the fluorescent tubes are broken. It can cause catastrophic outcomes. Since food safety is a big issue, we recommend the use of food processing LED lights, for mercury-free and UV-free illumination.


As for workers’ safety, high brightness illumination can reduce the occurrence of accident. Working in a dim environment is very dangerous because there are many chopping machines inside the meat plant. If they workers do not see clearly, the outcome can be very disastrous.


Advantages of LED food processing plant lights: longer life span and lesser maintenance rate


As for the advantage of using LED lights in food making industry, it has 80,000 hours life span, which can last for about 26 to 28 years if you turn on the lights 8 hours per day. Longer life cycle means that you have no need to repair or replace the light so frequently. You can enjoy life-long and bright illumination by means of food processing lighting.


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