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LED Garage Lighting

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Garage Lights – LED Garage Ceiling Lighting


LED lights for garage ceiling


LedsMaster is an experienced supplier who are specializing in LED garage lights. We sell the LED garage ceiling lights that have low price, and we delivery all over the world. This product is suitable for household use, and medium to large size commercial indoor garage. When you build your vehicle housing areas, one of the important parts of interior design is the ceiling garage lights, LED can provide a great light source that saves 75% energy. As well as grant you the super bright illumination for you to do the vehicle repair.


Garages are considered as an important extension of houses. People like to keep their garages well equipped and maintained because now there are numerous amenities available such as floor coverings and outdoor garage lightings. LED light fixtures are very popular because they are bright enough and they require no repair or maintenance either. If you spend a lot of time in your car parking area, you must need good quality lighting system so that you do your work in peace.


LED light fixtures for garages


For some people garage is nothing but a store but for many people it is an important part of the house. A garage is a perfect space for carrying out a hobby and for this proper lighting is a must. If you’re confused between choosing fluorescent bulbs or LED lights, then you should know that LED lights are far more efficient than the fluorescent ones.


Using LED technology has many benefits because they’ll illuminate the garage area and will last long too. Garage light fixtures are available in a variety of styles and types and one should consider the requirements and style before buying one.


What are the types of LED light fixtures for garages?


The battle between fluorescent lights and the LED technology goes on whenever there is a talk about the lighting system. To light a garage, you’ll need something that is durable, shock resistant, and bright too. LED garage light should cover a large area so that the whole area is illuminated. You can also consider installing multiple garage ceiling lights to get more brightness and illumination. Following are some lighting ideas and selection:


LED canopy light fixtures:

LED canopy light fixtures are suitable for commercial or residential parking lots, and they are great for illuminating a large area. Though they aren’t suitable for very large areas, they can make small garages well-illuminated and bright enough.


LED vapor tight garage fixtures:

These LED light fixtures are waterproof and are very durable too. There are various options available for such lights such as the ones with battery back-ups, optional motion sensors, and multiple wattages ones too. These outdoor garage lights are very long-lasting and if you think your Lighting costs you a lot, you must consider these garage ceiling light fixtures.


LED ceiling light fixtures:

LED ceiling light fixtures are very versatile, and they are suitable for a variety of applications. These lights are an ideal choice for parking lots. These fixtures use high-powered LEDs and give maximum output to illuminate the area well. If you want to give a traditional look to your garage, you must get these garage light fixtures which will not only make your venue bright but also make the area look professional and stylish.


Heavy duty 4 light LED:

These LEDs are perfect heavy duty ones and are ideal for illuminating the garage space if it is a large one. If you want to cover a large space with a single fixture, this heavy duty 4 lights LED is the one to choose. These lights can also serve the purpose of outdoor LED garage lights because they can illuminate a large area.


Advantage of the LED garage lights


We always hear that LED garage lights can save much energy. How much can we save? Metal halide replacement to LED can reduce your electricity bill up to 50% because the lighting energy efficiency of LED is 2 times of metal halide. The luminous efficiency of LED garage ceiling light is 145 lm/W (can produce 145 brightness unit per watt consumption) while MH is 75 lm/W; therefore, you can see there is a great difference.


Besides, the LED lights for garage can last for about 80,000 hours, or 28 years if you operate it for 8 hours each day. You can compare this value to metal halide: 10,000 hours. This huge difference allows you to save tons of maintenance time and money. Most importantly, using LED garage ceiling lights help protect the environment because LED is mercury free and UV-free, and lesser replacement also ease the burden of land fill and carbon dioxide emission. Therefore, promotion of use of the LED garage light is highly recommended.


UV-free illumination is another prominent reason to adopt LED light. The users or workers will be exposed to the light inside garage for a long period of time, if the luminaries emit UV, it will harm the skin. The LED garage ceiling lights is UV-free because we precisely preset the wavelength to 420 to 680 nm, and thus no harmful UV is produced. However, you can easily find this radiation emitted from metal halide light because of its unique working principle, but this is not the case of LED lights.


LED garage lights


Type of the LED garage ceiling lights


LedsMaster manufacturers the LED tube and LED flood lights for garage. For the smaller area and low bay purpose, we recommend the low power LED tube, which consists of the LED strip bar inside the diffusing tube. For the medium to large area, we will need to have high power, such as 300 watt to 400 watt, LED garage lights on ceiling to provide proper and sufficient illumination.


We offer versatile LED lights for garage ceiling. To acquire much info and the price, please feel free to contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or if you prefer using the contact form, please feel free to fill in the info at the bottom of this page. We are eager to solve your problems.

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