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LED Grass Grow Light for Stadium

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Product Abstract:

High efficient grass grow lights to simulate a sunlight for indoor stadium or winter stadium.

Product Description

LED Grass Grow Light for Football Stadium



Today we would like to introduce to you our high-end LED grow light for soccer stadium. Why do we need this? After the exciting matches, the lawn might be peeled or digged, which greatly affect the appearance. In light of this, the LED light that speed up the grass regrowth would be very useful. Let's explore our lighting solutions for turf. They have long life span, super brights and efficient heat dissipation.




You may wonder what is the mechanism of turf lighting solutions? The research shows that a certain colors (wavelength) of light can enhance the photosynthesis of the plants. If you look at the graph, the lights having 400-500 nm and 650-680 nm wavelength is more effective to raise the photosynthesis rate. Those high peaks represent bluish-purple and reddish-orange. By illuminating the light having these colors, we would speed up the grass growth of stadium. However, how to achieve this?

There are many similar grow light products available in the market as shown in the above picture. However, they all have movable structure at the expense of the illumination area. So, you can see the traditional solution available in the market is not very effective if you have a 7000 m2 football pitch.



Stadium grow lighting: tips for consideration


To solve the issue of efficiency, LedsMaster manufacturers grow lighting for stadium, which is high-power and energy saving. Our target is not to have the mobile system; instead, we let the turf lights illuminate the entire pitch at the same time. This is much more effective, and we have no need to employ additional workers to manipulate the carts.


Our high-power LED grow lights for grass can selectively illuminate bluish-purple and/or reddish-orange lights to assist the growth of grass. Additionally, apart from colored illumination, this product can also emit the white color! By selecting LedsMaster’s 2-in-1 LED stadium RGB light, you can enjoy the appropriate lawn grow lighting for not only matches, but turf lighting maintenance. If you are interested in our RGB flood light, please drop up a message via beatus@ledsmaster.com

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