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Product Abstract:

Gym Light Fixtures. Quality LED Gym Lights for different indoor sports facilities. We offer 5 years warranty, and worldwide delivery. Better vision and anti-glare illumination.

Product Description

LED Gym Lights – Gym light fixtures


400W Gym


Gym light fixtures overview

LED gym lights are the paramount facilities to provide proper illumination. It allows citizen to enjoy the facilities. If the field is in lack of appropriate and quality illumination, the user experience will be lowered. With the gym light fixtures, you can turn them on and off instantly. Besides, you can save a lot of energy when comparing to Metal Halide Lamps.

Thinking of the metal halide replacement in your Gymnasium stadium? The traditional luminary system adopts High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide Lamps. In accordance with recent researches, these kinds of lamps’ disadvantages outweigh the advantages. It is because of high energy consumption, short life span and toxic material when manufacturing these products. Long warm up time is another point. Moreover, flickering problem can be found easily. It affects user experience and video recordings. Therefore, it is a wise choice to switch to light emitting diode technology.

The gym light fixtures have luminous efficiency of 140 lm/W. It is 2 to 3 times higher than MH or HID. And have 80,000 hours life span. Our luminaries can be turned on and off within a second. It does not contain toxic components in side the luminaries. Most importantly, there is no flicking issue because they are compatible to 5000 Hz photography. It is true that significantly flickering even occur in naked eyes can be very irritating. Therefore, we strive to eliminate this problem in our LED gym lighting fixture. As for the energy efficiency, it can save 80% energy when comparing to MH and HPS. If you are installing the 400W Metal Halide lamp, you can retrofit it by 100W LED. In this case, you can save 300W energy, but you can get the same lumen or brightness output.

Another point to note is the life span, in the MH and HPS case, the lumen output will be dropped quickly and you can feel significantly decrease of brightness of luminaires after 5,000 hours use. However, you will only feel slight brightness decrease after 80,000 hours if you select our LED Flood Lights. therefore, for the long-term use. LED technology is a wise and proper choice for illuminating the gymnasium room.


Alternatives of LED gymnasium lighting

High Bay LED Gym Lights Fixtures are a practical application. High Bay is suitable for illuminate the high ceilings and large area regions. High Power Output and Energy Efficiency enables them to be compatible to commercial gymnasium lighting solutions.


Overall advantages of LED gym lights

Reduce electricity cost, 80% energy saving, remarkable brightness. Lower maintenance cost & frequency, longer life span, no flickering problems. Modular design for easier repair and better user experience by improving the vision. Gym Light fixtures will solve majority of problems as occur in MH or HPS. For much info & quote, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com 


Gymnastics Lighting Fixtures

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