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LED Light Dimmer Switch

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Product Abstract:

Dimmer Switch for LED Lights. LED Light Dimmer. 5 Years warranty. Explore the application of light dimmers. We offer worldwide Delivery. Enjoy Flicker-free LED light dimmer switch.

Product Description

Dimmer Switch for LED Lights – LED Light Dimming Guide


We are a LED company making the dimmer switch for LED lights for 10 years. Quick and easy brightness adjustment has become the essential feature of LED flood lights. The LED light dimmer is applied to different scenario. For instance, you can apply the LED light dimmer to commercial and household setting. We focus on the former one. Dimmer is quite important for stage, arena, concert and auditorium, as you need to adjust which LED light turns on or dim a portion of them to create atmosphere. The lighting industry faces a lot of problems when it comes to LED light dimmer. The flickering and life span are the major issues the LED dimmer lighting industry need to solve.


LED Light Dimmer switch


LED lights dimmer switch – structure and principle


First thing first, we can look at the dimmer switch for LED lights. The control panel consists of two parts – brightness and color temperature manipulation. You can touch or press the arrows to increase or decrease the brightness, and you can slide along the circular touch panel to get 2800 to 7500K color temperature. Besides, the LED lighting dimmer switch is compatible to DMX or DALI system.

The dimmer switch for LED light does not have flickering problems because we do not rapidly turn on and off the light to decrease the brightness; instead, we suppress the current and thus make the light become darker. Color adjustment is important, especially for filming because we can sure the consistent color tone of characters.

Apart from it, we have numerous application of light dimmer. For instance, you need to dim the LED lights inside movie theatre, and opera house before the start of show. For household application, LED light dimmer can be installed inside the living room and bedroom to create wonderful atmosphere.

Surely, our dimmer switch for LED light is fully compatible to our own LED lights, such as recessed light, RGB and flood lights. You can get the 100% work products at LedsMaster. We will test all the luminaries before shipment.


Dimmer switch for LED lights: competitive price


LedsMaster constantly improve the quality of LED light dimmer. If you would like to get the quote and free lighting design service. Please send us a message via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or via phone (213) 438-9858 (US). If you wish to use the contact form, please feel free to fill in the info at the bottom of this page. We are looking forward to your message. Thank you.

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