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LED Mining Lights

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Product Abstract:

Mining Lights are necessary in industry, especially digging for diamond. LED has exceptionally high brightness and life span, with water-proof, anti-shock and anti-glare optics. LED mining light provides high quality illumination for the sites.

Product Description

LED Mining Lights Guide


Mining Lighting


Mining lights guide #1: importance of proper lighting


Mining lights have become paramount device for miners with day by day increase in Health, Safety & Quality standards. They are facing a surge in production costs and to curtail these huge costs. Workers are looking for reduction in regular or fixed expenses by opting for more efficient systems. It enables them to comply with standards without effecting the production costs. One of the main areas that highly effects safety and can show significant differences in production costs, is high power LED. According to a study by, Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA), among accidents, slips, trips and falls or STFs are the second highest class. STFs are majorly dependent upon lighting conditions.


As per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), workers aged 45 or above have 40% less illumination reaching retina and therefore, they require, higher illuminance of mining lights throughout the working areas of mines for safe work. Low illumination level also impedes the workers ability to look and avoid moving tools and machines. As per National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 38 workers have lost their lives in machinery movement related accidents during last three decades. Therefore, stringent codes and standards bound, to install LED mining light fixtures.



Mining Lighting Application



LED mining lights guide#2: advantages of LED


1. Higher Electricity Charges


Most workers are located away from metropolitan cities and have access to no electricity generation and distribution infrastructure. This forces them to use their own diesel generators to power the equipment. This in turn results in high capital costs of generators and high per unit cost of electricity being consumed. Therefore, the luminaries that consume less energy, such as LED Mining Lights is essential. This when multiplies to the higher lighting requirements, a significant increase in costs is visible.


2. Low Quality Power


The power generation systems installed at mining sites are limited to produce electricity at fixed frequency and voltage levels. However, every electrical or electronic equipment or luminary specifically have their own requirements for quality of power. This is when not complied properly, equipment fails to function properly more frequently and thereby, lead to a higher maintenance costs.


3. Harsh environment


The industrial environment is so harsh. The equipment for use in mining site is specially classified as per special standards formulated to ensure better functioning of equipment. Excessive temperatures, high vibrations, water and extremely dusty environments can easily damage improper mining light systems. It again leads to increased maintenance costs.


Mining Lights Application



Mining light fixtures application - Inside cave - glare of high power luminaries


At one side, mining flood lights is required to increase safety but on the other side, the glare of these luminaries poses high risk to the workers. The glare can cause high strain and stress to worker’s eyes. These in turn causes different types of eye problems and complications. This can also cause temporary blindness to drivers which then may result in a larger accident.


The Best Lighting for Mining


High Powered LED Lighting Systems are the best solution for industrial setting. Due to advanced electronics systems, these mining lights can resolve all issues of the workers from safety, compliance of standards to cost control or even reduction.



Mining lights guide #3: Installation


1. Perfect for hazardous areas


LED lights are compact in shape and rigid in design. LED mining lights comes with compliance to standards of Ingress Protection ratings for outdoor use. These luminaries are packaged in such a way that. Luminary with maximum or highest Ingress Protection rating of IP6K9K are easily available. These luminaries are resistant to dust particles, high temperatures, jets of water from any direction and even can be submerged in water, as per respective ratings.


2. Low Power Consumption and High Efficiency


When compared to their traditional counter parts, mining light fixtures can easily save the power above 50%. As these luminaries do not convert electrical energy into heat energy. Instead, these luminaries convert maximum electrical energy into energy for illumination. And thereby provide its users with better illuminance at lower costs.


3. Compatible with multiple power sources (AC/DC/Generator Output)


With advanced electronics and built-in power supply cards, these lights act as exact retrofit for almost all types of existing lighting systems. They can be coupled with any existing power generation and distribution system to give the best results.


4. Low Maintenance, Long Life & Durability


Unlike the traditional high power lights, LED floodlights do not require time to warm up and cool down. These luminaries can be instantaneously, turned on or off and thereby results in lower failure rates. The average life of an LED luminaries is 5 to 10 times higher than that of legacy counter parts. It drastically reduces maintenance costs.


5. Anti-glare mining lights design with better light quality & dispersion


LED flood lights are packaged with specialized designs to ensure better illuminance, reduced glare and uniformly dispersed illumination to minimize shadows. With Correlated Color Temperature for perfect white day light. Also a better Color Rendering Index to easily differentiate between colors.


Mine Industry Lights


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