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LED Panel Lights

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Product Description

LED Panel Lights


We offer high quality LED panel lighting. If you’re thinking to replace the conventional fluorescent lights, the best option is to consider the LED panel lights. These lights offer one of the best options for indoor lighting. LED panel for backlighting is getting very popular because this light have longer lifespan and the also reduce the power consumption to a great extent. Ceiling panel lamps offer perfect illumination and brightness and are recommended for areas where uniform distribution of lumens is needed. With a lifespan of more than 80,000 hours and high quality electronic components, these lights are perfect for indoor lighting.


Panel LED Lighting Fixtures in Office


What are LED Panel lights?


High quality LED panel lights are nowadays replacing the traditional fluorescent ceiling lights. LED panel lamps use a particular lighting fixture and it is installed in such a way so as to provide better illumination. These lights feature the most advanced LED technology and are designed to prevent leakage too. The lights use a lightweight frame made of aluminum and has three layers of housing to make it more durable and firm. The layers include a diffuser, a light guide plate, and LED chips. The diffuser provides uniform distribution of light and is located near the light guide plate. There is another reflector present at the back of the LED guide plate.


Drop ceiling panel lights look very stylish and they offer homogenous and bright lighting for indoors. The diffuser and the guide plate work together and provide a uniformly distributed white light and the good thing is that it starts instantly too. There is no flickering, humming, or interference and this why these panel lamps are now a popular choice for indoor lighting.


How to choose the correct panel lights?


Size and position:

The size of the ceiling panel lights will depend on the grid of the existing ceiling. Installing the drop ceiling lamp is a matter of minutes and some of these LED lights have integrated LED drive with a connector too. If there are narrow ceilings, choose integral LED lights is the best choice.


Lumens per watt:

By lumens we mean the total output of light. The best LED lights have higher lumens which mean they have the ability to give more light output. The efficiency of the LED light panel can be measured by dividing the Lumens by power. So, if the lumens per watt are high, the LED panel will give maximum light output. Thus it is important to check the Lumens per watt. LED panel lights have lumens per watt rating of 100 to 140 Im/W which is high enough to provide maximum brightness level, and that too is not uncomfortable to the eyes.



The advanced panel LED lights use advance technology and high quality components to give maximum efficiency and light output. These lights use very less power as compared to the traditional lights and they provide maximum luminous efficiency and uniform distribution of light. Most of the lamps are also available with non-dimmable LED driver so if the dimming function is required, the existing driver can be replaced by dimmable controller and driver.


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