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LED Parking Lot lights

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Product Description

LED Parking Lot Lighting - Parking Area Lamps


Parking lot lighting


LED parking lot lamps create a sense of security and it is very necessary to have a bright and uniform lighting system for such an area. LED lights for parking lots offer minimal energy costs and the maintenance or repair costs are also next to none. LED parking lot lighting fixtures offer the best way to illuminate the parking area or garage with bright and efficient lights. The major power includes 400 watt and 1000W lights for parking garage. You can illuminate the areas using a variety of styles and types according to your preference and the area to be illuminated.


What are the parking lot lighting requirements?


There are recommended standards for parking lot lighting and it is necessary to consider those standards. The lamps should possess anti-glare features and should also prevent light pollution and light trespass so that the visitors and passers-by are not bothered. Following factors should be considered for outdoor LED parking lot lighting:


•   The LED shoebox fixture or wall pack plays an important role in deciding about the type of the fixture to be used. There are different types of fixtures so that there is even light distribution around the parking lot.


•   Light quality requirements vary according to the size and poles arrangement. A parking area that is used for recreational purposes will not require much illumination as compared to lots near banks or other high security areas.


•   400 watt LED parking lot lights are perfect as they have high lumens per watt and they offer uniform distribution of light.


Solar parking lot lights


Solar parking lot lights offer an efficient way to light a garage or parking lot. These lighting systems are now being installed by many companies and businesses because they increase the sense of security. These parking lot lights improve the appeal and increase the operating hours because of their brightness and uniform distribution of lumens. The solar parking lot lights improve the visibility and also decrease the electricity bills by far. Following are the important features:


•   Certified solar panel fixtures.


•   Efficient and high quality LED lights with ingress protection, anti-glare features, and high lumens per watt and luminous efficiency.


•   Variety of fixtures available such as decorative fixtures.


Commercial LED parking lot lights


Whether you have your own parking lot or you just maintain a small or large parking lot, these LED lights ensure safety and the right illumination for all the passers-by and employees. The commercial LED parking lot lamps are of high quality and they have long lifespan too.


There are energy efficient parking lot lights that can reduce the energy consumption by 70% and improve the visibility and illumination too. These LED parking lot fixtures are more reliable and efficient than other lighting systems and they increase the safety and security too. The good thing is that these lights don’t flicker or buzz and thus all the visitors and passers-by feel safe and secure. These commercial parking lot lighting fixtures have adjustable and flexible designs and the LED lights used are of high quality with high luminous efficiency. For much info, please feel free to contact us via email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or using the contact form below if you prefer. We are looking forward to your message.

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