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LED Racetrack Lights

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Product Abstract:

Race track lights. Find Good LED luminaries to light up your race track. IP66, 5 Years warranty.

Product Description

Race Track Lights


Race track lights are essential for motor sports. Thousands of spectators are sitting in the course at night can waiting for the commencement of race. Proper lighting for race track improve user experience and atmosphere. Since we need countless number of luminaires to light up the large area, using LED race track lighting can save at least 54% energy after replacement of metal halide. By contact us, you will get free lighting design for racetrack. Let’s explore the advantages of our products.


Race Track Lights


LED Race Track Lighting is a useful device to light up the large race tracks such as Formula 1, Motorcycle & Monster Truck tracks. LED Race Track Lighting occupies the place of the conventional lighting system. The LED Race Track Lights are designed to be a cost-effective choice to select having very low maintenance costs and high energy efficiency. In the invention of the previous LED light, I got the color of the blue color, but this time I can enjoy the white light on Race Track Lighting.


Motor sports are getting popular in the United States & Europe. NASCAR, former spectator sports in South Australia, is now spreading all over the country. That fan is constantly looking for other motor sports to enjoy when NASCAR is not in the racing season. In many cases, this means that fans are building their own optical racer tracking for the race on weekends and evening. These homemade truck shakers return to the origin of NASCAR racing when men gather together along the rural road in Florida Daytona Beach, or south, and descend a professional car at Daytona Beach. If you are creating your own track, you might want to make it possible to do the night of the race, but if you do the appropriate racecourse lighting, you can do that. LED race track lighting systems are used in many ways regardless of their race track lighting fixtures or LED race arena lights. Different lights have different characteristics and different advantages, depending on the nature of their use. Learn more about some of the LED race track lights. Due to advances in lighting technology, most of sellers and manufacturers in the lighting industry are providing LED lighting to their customers, making LED lighting easier for users to use. One of the most trendy lighting in this industry is LED Race Tracking Lighting. Because the race track has a lifetime and the power consumption is low, I use these lights.


Some of the advantages of the LED race track lighting system are listed below.


Energy efficiency of Race Track Lighting


LED lighting for race trucks and LED lighting for motor speed way are used in most LED race track lighting systems because they are energy efficient and have low power consumption. This helped consumers easily buy these lights in every area of sports. You can save about 70% energy compared to old luminaires.


Long Life Span of LED Race Track Lights


Race track light fixtures last much longer than other light fixtures that were more common in the industry than before. They continue to provide light for over 9 years. This means that it lasts about 80,000 hours.


Cost-effective of Race Track Lights


Track racing lights are affordable for lighting at big stadiums and racing tracks. These lights are included in all price ranges and designs. The use of so-called light reduces general temperature and heat production, thereby saving power consumption. Electrical contractors can purchase LED race track light fixtures, illuminate the stadium at a higher level (and higher) and at the same time skip large electricity bills.



LED race arena lights can be used anywhere easily. These lights can be used at any height, you do not have to worry about swapping as soon as you use it for a long time, and stay there for many years without performing the necessary maintenance.


Easy to modify


They can easily fix anywhere you want. With an appropriate number of efficient lighting towers, masts or poles, the lights on the racetrack will be even easier if everything falls into the proper position.


LED lighting for race tracks is available in a variety of styles, colors and designs, these have been recently purchased by contractors. These track race lights are in today’s trends, which is one of the reasons most used in many countries.


If you are considering lighting the stadium or LED stadium lights, we will provide the best lighting fixtures with the latest design. Our customer support will help you choose the best light fixtures for your location. You are in the best place for LED lighting for your LED race track lighting system or race tracking stadium.


Most people who have their own track walk on that day. This means the only available time to race either in the evening or at the weekend. If you are racing during the summer, there are not many problems as it can stay lightly in many parts of the United States since 9 o’clock, but the days will be much shorter at other times. Some people depart for work before dawn and even go home in the dark during the winter. Unless you have a race track light, your hobby will be returned on a short winter weekend day. Furthermore, in the middle of the race, even if there is no light, it is necessary to stop in order for the sunlight to weaken. This is a big disappointment for many race fans who believe it is the only way to end the race with the checkered flag. Track racing light is one of the most used lights in racing sports. LED lighting for race trucks provides flexibility flexibly wherever you need to organize race track lighting fixtures at your site, or if you need to install those LED race track lighting systems.


Choosing the LED Lighting at the Racecourse will Make It Easier to Light the Race Track


The LED lighting of the Motor Speedway fulfills the desire to provide the optimum light for your system. It provides the best architectural features not found in other lighting systems. There are various designs and types of lights that match the style and theme of your truck, making energy usage and efficiency higher. LED Lace Arena Light is a wonderful light source that illuminates the race track. These lights are cost effective and operate for a longer time than conventional light bulbs (metal halide and HID) and other lights. They usually last more than 80,000 hours and do not generate heat more than the initial illumination source.





Glare control, lighting uniformity, water-proof structure. It is vital to provide anti-glare illumination for the racetrack lights, it is because dazzling lighting will irritate drivers’ eyes and thus affect their safety and performance. Our race track lights are equipped with latest lens that reduce unwanted glare by 30%. The new version glass lens improves lighting uniformity by 25% as well, the price is the same though.




LedsMaster's system using LED as the lights for race track equips with advanced optics, which is brighter and energy saving. More uniform light throughout the racing field can be produced as well. The racetrack lighting improves illumination uniformity and reduce flickering for photo and video capture under HDTV and 4K broadcasting. And it was crucial that the race track lights enhanced the facility experience for spectators and coaches as well. The lighting system gives 54 percent energy savings when working at full capacity.




DMX and DALI control system. The LED race track lighting system can be connected to USB DMX-512, which allow dimming and color control. By using LED technology, instant on/off and exceptionally long life span are achieved.




LedsMaster's system reduces glare with custom-designed luminaires, improving play ability for athletes, enhancing the experience for fans in the arena, and delivers superior light quality for HD broadcasts. Instant on/off and dimming capabilities help to further conserve energy and allow for special lighting effects. The new system will substantially reduce energy consumption and eliminate maintenance with a comprehensive 5-year warranty.


LedsMaster LED racetrack lighting solution utilizes the innovative system. It specifically includes pinpoint light control for racing, having exceptional uniformity, as well as reduction of glare. It supports 4K, Full HD filming at night. The perimeter of the track using LedsMaster racetrack Lighting technology can minimize the environmental impact such as lighting pollution. We deliver the ideal systems and customized solution for drivers, spectators, and television photographer. If you would like to get much info, you can email us at beatus@ledsmaster.com, or using the contact form below. Thank you very much.

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