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LED Replacement for 175 watt Metal Halide

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Product Abstract:

175 watt Metal Halide LED Replacement that saves your energy consumption up to 70%. We are experienced in providing high quality, good metal halide 175W replacement LED. We can apply the new LED luminaries to large areas such as parking lot, sports field, warehouse, backyard and more. Let's explore the advantages.

Product Description

175 watt Metal Halide LED Replacement: Energy-saving Alternatives


175 watt metal halide replacement - LED retrofit kits


We are a high power LED flood light manufacturer specializing in 175 watt metal halide LED replacement. We have long-term and health business relationship with the clients coming from worldwide. They buy 175W metal halide replacement LED from us, as well as other sports lighting in other wattage. Our client profile comes from around the world, including US, India, UK and other countries. We participated in metal halide LED replacement industry for about 5 years and develops a mature and low-priced product line. In fact, This retrofit is worthwhile to buy and invest because it saves much energy and protects environment. As a LED flood light supplier, we strive to uphold the substantial development.


175W metal halide LED replacement – how many power of LED needed?


To replace 175 watt metal halide with LED, we need 45 watt LED retrofit kit. Our 45W LED flood light produce 6,300 lumens. You can compare this value to MH, which gives approximately the same brightness for 175W metal halide. How do we measure brightness? Usually it is indicated by lumen. If you need an easy interpretation, here is the quick way to understand it. Image there is a race car has horse power of 150 mph. the higher the mph, the higher the speed can achieve. And then go back to the case of MH. The horse power is similar to lumen output of the metal halide lamps and LED lights. Higher lumen means that the luminary can product higher brightness. With the increased energy efficient of LED, you can replace 175W metal halide by 45W LED.


LED replacement for 175W metal halide


LED to replace 175 watt metal halide – enjoying longer life span & safer light source


When you compare the life span of both lights, you can easily get the answer, the winner is LED lights. It is because their illumination mechanisms are completely different. LED used current to excite the electron while MH using arc tube to trigger illumination. You can enjoy 80,000 hours life span after replacing metal halide 175 watt to LED lights. Before the replacement, the lamp goes off very quickly, which is 4000-5000 hours. And the brightness drops very fast within the first half year of usage.

As for the safety issue, you may wonder how can the MH be harmful? Due to its unique working principle, metal halide will produce Ultra Violet lights which cause skin cancer. Nevertheless, we can control the spectrum of LED very precisely to avoid emission of UV. To do 175 watt metal halide led replacement, you can remove the old fixture and then attach the new retrofit kits. The whole process is not time consuming.

Another safety concern is the glass used in MH fixtures. Once the MH is broken, it can be very dangerous to the people underneath. However, LED lights does not contain brittle material, and it is very rigid and durable. Therefore, it has another name of solid-state lighting.

If you are interested in 175 watt metal halide LED replacement, please feel free to contact us at email beatus@ledsmaster.com, or filling in some info inside the contact form at the bottom of the page. Thank you for your message.

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