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Product Abstract:

LED Retrofit Kits, for recessed lighting, metal halide and fluorescent. How to select and buy LED retrofit kits for MH bulbs and fluorescent tube, replace with LED. Worldwide delivery.

Product Description

How to retrofit HID, metal halide, fluorescent and recessed lights with LED retrofit kits?


Are you looking for LED retrofit kits for your conventional lighting such as HID, metal halide and fluorescent? Are you searching for a descent LED lighting kit that can last longer and more energy saving? If you used the traditional lights, you may have experienced frequent replacement of metal halide and HID, because of their inherent short life cycle. LED retrofit kits of HPS, HID and metal halide lamp are suitable for commercial and industrial lighting, such as tennis court, basketball court, football field, as well as factory, warehouse, garage, power plant. We are going to explore the necessity and advantages of retrofitting MH, HID, HPS to LED.


LED Retrofit Kits for metal halide, HID and HPS


Problems faced before LED retrofit


You may have experienced different drawbacks when using these conventional recessed light sources before replacement with LED. Apart from brightness decline, when the MH or HID bulbs are about to go off, you will find there were serious flickering problems, which is irritating to eyes. Due to fast deterioration of components inside metal halide, the working voltage inside the lamp is quite unstable. LED retrofit kits can solve this problem because it uses completely different mechanism. LED is regarded as solid-state lights because it does not contain delicate constituents such as filament and brittle glass.


Instead, if you buy LED retrofit kit for replacing HID and HPS, you can enjoy flicker-free and instant on-off. Many clients reflect that almost all metal halide lamps take about 5-10 minutes to get full brightness, which is very inconvenient to use and affect user experience a lot.


Retrofit kits for LED lights


How to installation LED retrofit kits?


Some may worry about if it is user-friendly to retrofit metal halide to LED kits. We offer E12, E14 and E27 direct replacement LED retrofit kits, which is also compatible to recessed lighting. You have no need to re-connect or modify the wire connections. These products are cost-effective and allows quick and easy installation. If you would like to obtain much product info or need lighting design for warehouse, factory and other large area, please feel free to drop us an email at beatus@ledsmaster.com, or you can use the contact form at the bottom of the page if you prefer.

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